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LOTRO Update 6 Known Issues


Normally not a terribly exciting thread, but the Known Issues thread usually pops up but there are a couple of big one in there this time.

  • Warden Issues
    • The Porbad and Fist-way armour sets have incorrect stats and set bonuses
    • Deadly Insult, Efficient Thrust, and Shield Trickery trait deeds are not being advanced if the base gambit builders are used in Recklessness or Assailment stances
    • Assailment stance is using the old Conservation tooltip; this stance gives a penalty to defence, not a bonus
    • While in Assailment stance, the Dance of War tooltip claims to perform Light Damage; however, this gambit decreases threat and adds Evade Rating
    • Quick Toss buff increases ranged damage by 1.5% not 2%-6%
    • Skill tooltips are not adjusting properly when Mastery traits are equipped and when stances are changed.
  • Quest Instance in Wailing Hills sounds like it has some completion issues and you might need to use the character portrait menu to leave the instance
  • Fornost is closed as it is getting a revamp!!

Most of the Warden issues are GUI cosmetics which while annoying when you’re trying to learn things, shouldn’t really impact your play.

However, I’m incredibly excited about Fornost – here’s hoping it not only gets a Garth Agarwen style revamp but also becomes a scaling instance!

Update 14/3

A huge new issue has been identified and added to the thread – “Players in the Tower of Orthanc raid may not be able to use the door leading to the final stage of the raid.” Apparently it’s a little worse than that sounds – no one can get the door leading to the final two bosses open at the moment and this isn’t just a locks issue; the last two bosses of the raid are now completely inaccessible. There has been a blue post confirming that this issue is being looked at, but no timeframe as yet.


Community Take on Wardens in Update 6


Due to a crappy hotel connection and Bullroarer coming down early (again) I didn’t get nearly as much time with the new changes as I would’ve hoped.    However, the forum community has been quite vocal about the changes so I wanted to pull together some of their thoughts while I attempt to piece mine together.

From a first glance and the little play-time I had, the changes look pretty good.  For the most part, we came out of this update better then we were, but many are still concerned about our viability as an end-game raiding tank.  For that part, I think we’ll have to see how groups on Live fair, but in many other areas, the Wardens have been improved.

Two quick points that I wanted to stress:

  • Make sure you visit the Warden Class Trainer!  The new Assailment gambits (ranged gambits) are waiting for you and you have to learn them before you can use them
  • Like other revamps, it looks like Orion did a great job of evening out the leveling curve, especially when it comes to the Masteries.  So while I tend to mainly focus on the end-game, this is a good update for leveling Wardens as well.

Orion has been pretty good about keeping us in the loop, but if you haven’t read it already it probably would be a good start to check out the recently released Developer Diary on the update.  There is some decent discussion in the official feedback thread, but I think much of the debate has been going on in some of the various other threads that popped up once Update 6 hit Bullroarer.

Harperelle had a pretty good summary post which walks through the good news and bad news of the Update, which touched off some good discussions.  For the most part I agree, although I’m not sure how big the “nerfs” are that she mentions (threat change, and Master of Spear change).  However, I think it is pretty universal that the biggest concerns are around what she points out as not getting – mitigation and BPE cap changes.  We did get all sorts of new things and quite a number of them that do stack so testing them thoroughly can be a bit challenging but I’m sure there will be many posts and test from people running instances and raids with their new builds.  In a follow up post, Harperelle does a great job of outlining and showing some of the new stacking buffs we get with their appropriate durations.  One thing is for sure, Warden’s will definitely be incentivized to keep active and vary up their rotations!

And to continue the trend of linking to Harperelle’s good posts, she put up 2 other amazing posts explaining how things change based on your stance.  For the most part, gambits continue to do what they always have done but obtain slight tweaks or buffs depending on what stance you’re in.  The biggest changes come from the Determination (tanking) stance and Assailment (ranged DPS) stance and Harperelle was nice enough to take TONs of screenshots of all the gambits and what they do.

I don’t think these have changed terribly since Orion’s blog posts which I put together some tables for showing how the gambits will change based on your stance:

No matter how you look at it, the class has changed and for me this is still overall a very positive thing for the class.  While maybe our main role wasn’t buffed as much as some would like, I think the introduction of solid secondary roles will help us out quite in the long run.

As for those wondering how to best get adjusted to the new class, I suggest taking some time to read through the changes, and then hop into an easy skirmish (after you see your trainer) and play around with your normal rotation switching up your stances to see how things change.  As you fight, make sure to pay attention to not only your bars but also the bars of your enemies and continually mouse-over pop-ups to see what’s going on.  While doing this, I’d suggest easier pulls such that you can pay attention to what’s going on without having to worry about dying Smile


Update 6 – Shores of the Great River Patch Notes


While you update the game (the patch servers are live) and wait for the game servers to come live, head on over to check out the Official Patch Notes.  There are quite a few of them, although nothing jumped out at me as different from what we saw over on Bullroarer.

Take a look over on the Lorebook.

If you’ve missed any of my Update 6 posts, I’ve collected them all under the appropriate tag.


Update 6 Thoughts and Re-cap


I was expecting to have a little more time to pull this together and also test some of it out more, but getting content quicker is never a bad thing.  Overall I think there’s quite a lot of good things coming with Update 6 and there’s already a lot of information on the forums scattered all over the place.  I wanted to put up a post on my thoughts as well as try to capture some of the information.  There are a few major areas that I’ll cover, but I’m not going to cover anything regarding the new Epic line or the new quest areas.  Partly because I want to save them for live and also because I don’t want to spoil them for anyone else.  I’ll also have a separate post up on the Wardens as there’s a ton of stuff to work through and I want to get a chance to play around some over on Bullroarer to really see for myself how these changes really effect the class.  Also, I highly recommend folks interested in any of these changes including those areas I’m not knowledgeable in (RKs, PvMP, etc.) to hop onto Bullroarer, while you can, and check them out for yourself.

I’m going to try to break this up into some semblance of logic but I can’t guarantee it will make sense for everyone.

One of the big marketing items for this update is the ability to call your soldier out in the landscape.  I was never really excited about it and after seeing the costs involved, I’m even less interested in it.  I’m actually not sure what sort of benefit this change really has but hopefully this is just the first stage of implementation as it falls well short of any sort of “companion” system.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, the cost for a 1 hour token is either 100 Turbine Points or 1500 Skirmish marks AND 75 medallions.  At this cost I can only see it helping in those rare cases where your trying to do something you shouldn’t ;)

The other controversial item is the new and improved barter wallet.  Many feel this is a long overdue item that we were promised and as such Turbine is robbing us blind by charging for the new wallet.  And I’ll admit I was a little upset when I saw the price for the wallet but when you consider that things like the Wardrobe and Shared Storage have always had a charge associated with them, this charge seems quite in line.  And then once I started using the wallet that 1000 SMs is a VERY reasonable price especially considering it is an account wide upgrade.  For me I was able to clear up over a bag of inventory and vault space on each of my characters with the new wallet.  The one argument I really don’t get is the people who claim this is contrary to the “convince not advantage” slogan the Turbine has used, as for me this is exactly the kind of convenience I’d want from the store.  Now, the one thing I would’ve like to have seen is some sort of discount for VIPs as I’m gradually growing unsure what real benefits VIP membership has since the removal of Destiny Point accrual and this could’ve been a real bonus for them.  But that’s probably another post for another day :)

In addition to the soldiers, there are a number of other skirmish related items that are changing with Update 6:

  • level 45 class items are dropping in cost from XX SMs to 680 SMs
  • Worn Symbols of Celebrimbor are either 2394 SMs AND 207 Medallions or 1710 SMs and 518 Medallions
  • Greater Scrolls of Empowerment are either 1045 SMs AND 95 Medallions or 174 SMs AND 42 Marks
  • You can trade 50 SMs for 1 Medallion

Probably the other big system wide change is that to the PvMP side of things.  In addition to the Commendation and Audacity systems there are also new armor sets.  I have to admit I’m quite the armor set junky so these are intriguing to me.  There are some pretty slick looks to these sets and it is also quite nice that they’re no longer tied to your rank. (Set Looks and Set Stats)  It also is nice that gaining these sets are purely tied to PvMP combat with the new Commendation system.

And of course, the main item in this update is the new zone and the associated goodies with it.  The new zone does feel pretty darn big and quite impressive visually.  I can’t comment on the number of quests but it does seem similar to Enedwaith from a quest hub perspective.  There are 2 new factions, the Riders of Stangard and the Limlight Gorge, to gain reputation with and they have their own goodies you can barter for like we’re used to.  New legendary titles are available with some nice combinations of mitigations and stats or BPE as well as Belariand plus stats or BPE.  There’s another tier of crafted relics which is another nice bonus to the strength of that system.  There’s a ton of new crafting items and the continuation and expansion of the item upgrade system introduced with the Update 5 instance cluster.  Another surprising inclusion in this update is a new 6-man instance which ties directly into that upgrade system!

Of all the stuff in the update, I honestly think one of the biggest changes in this update is the incorporation of so many store-exclusive items back into the game via reliable and deterministic means.  I could honestly care less about store exclusive cosmetics or things like that as that should be what the store’s all about, but my issue and many others are with the “advantage” items like the relic removal scroll and exclusive relics.  Needless to say I’m quite happy that these items are coming into the loot table and the relic melding panel respectively.

Despite the speed at which this update seems to have rushed through Bullroarer, I do think overall this is a great update for Turbine and these kinds of things are exactly what the players have been asking for.

What are you most looking forward to when Update 6 hits live?


Update 6 Diaries and Launch Date


An interesting and busy day for Turbine as they released a pair of Developer Diaries and also pretty stealthily the launch date for Update 6 – Shores of the Great River.  An article over on Massively prompted the response and confirmation from Sapience that Update 6 will hit live next Monday the 12th of March!  I have to admit that I’m pretty surprised they’re releasing it so soon as there once again has been VERY little time to do anything on Bullroarer.  It is becoming more and more clear that Bullroarer is nothing more that a sanity check that there’s nothing terribly broken and not the test server it used to be.  I haven’t had enough time to play around over there and most likely won’t before things launch, which is unfortunate.  Here’s hoping there was some serious bug squashing on the builds after they hit Bullroarer.

As for the diaries, they focused on the changes to the Instance Finder.

First up was the diary on the specific changes to the Instance Finder specifically:

  • The biggest change being the ability to choose specific instances to run or not run
  • the tier, type, and size buttons not only are selections but filters to restrict the choices
  • There’s now a simple tab which just allows you to pick a role and type, nothing else
  • And there’s a “Specific” tab which essentially replaces the Instance Join tool
  • There are also options you can choose at the creation and have fellowship wide votes to change if needed.

The second diary by Zombie Columbus focuses more on the changes to the rewards from using the Instance Finder

  • :Full reward of +50% currency and +5% power/morale is only available when allowing full flexibility in instance choice
  • This number will scale based on the instances available, so at level 20 it is still possible to get the full reward
  • Since the removal of Skirmish Daily quests upset so many, Skirmish Completion Quests (always available) will now award XP, IXP, Reputation, gold, and marks.
    • However, the bonus XP for monster kills has been toned down to compensate

All around some good changes and another pretty good case of Turbine listening to the community.  The actual launch date is a bit concerning to me, but I like most of the changes coming and how many are direct responses to what we’ve been asking for.

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