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LOTRO Fall Festival


With the patch today, the Fall Festival is now also live.  Much of it is the same as previous festivals and for a full guide make sure to head over to CSTM for their festival coverage.  Here’s the PDF link as CSTM is still fighting a malware issue – PDF version of the Website with all the quests.

I did pop in quickly to get the new horse and use up some old tokens to get the new dress and cloak for my Warden.

Front view of horserear view of horseAlso, for those of you wanting to get this snazzy horse, the Haunted Burrows is back up too.  Skeleton Horse


Pretty Horses Coming with LOTRO’s Update 3


Thanks to @KurganNazzir for checking out the new Treasure Hunt on Bullroarer as there are some pretty cool rewards.  Some of the standard random festival gift box items for sure, but a couple snazzy horses:

Treasure Laden Horse

Not only does this horse look cool, but it actually has an animation of it dropping coins!  There’s also a video included on the post for those wishing to see it in action.  And for those goat addicts out there, a similar style goat is available too.  Time will tell if the Treasure horse is this year’s Painted Skeleton Horse.

The other horse honestly I’m not as into, but I’m sure some might like it:

Cave-Claw Steed

Pretty cool stuff for sure, I just wish the team that’s working horses would spend a little time working on helms and armor as I’d love to see some of the same quality level across the board.

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