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Update 7 Patch Notes on Bullroarer


Update 7 has finally hit Bullroarer, and Sapience posted the notes today.  In addition to the notes, a couple other posts of note were regarding the Eyes and Guard tavern which allows for the quick ability to create testing characters of all ability ranges.  Check out the following posts on its availability and guide.  As for the notes themselves, there are lots of bug fixes and what not, but a few things jumped out at me:

  • Of course the Moria and Fornost revamps and the new skirmish are very cool
  • I’m VERY curious and somewhat scared by these new “Star-lit Crystals” for your legendary items.
    • Not only do they sound like another LI grind, but another store issues
  • I’m SO happy for more bag space!  Even if I have to wait for Rohan, I’m very excited about that news and the UI changes for it.
  • I’m happy about the cooldown change for the Warden Defiant Challenge skill!
  • Does anyone know what the “Maggot’s Mushrooms” Instance is???
  • I’m happy to see the UI continue to evolve
  • I’m really excited that there’s more Lua goodness in this patch.  I just wish there were more folks doing cool Lua plugins Winking smile  Maybe we need a Lua plugin contest??

Overall nothing huge with this Update but I think all around some very good and welcome stuff.  What do you all think?


Combat Analysis Plugin Update 6 Version


With all the changes to update 6, and those to Lua specifically, some plugins were broken.  So far, the only one I’ve run into was Combat Analysis, which for me is one of the most useful plugins out there for data gathering.  There was a short term patch put up while things were on Bullroarer, but the official Combat Analysis developer did put up an update to this plugin to be fully compliant with Update 6.

This plugin has been VERY handy checking out all the new Warden changes as I can very quickly compare not only my damage output but how I’m mitigating or avoiding that damage.  It also allows you to easily check the impact of the new block and parry reactives to see how frequent they are and the benefit they provide.

if you’re a user of this plugin, or just looking for a way to keep track of your damage done and taken, as well as power and healing output, I would suggest grabbing the latest version of it.

You can find it over at LOTRO Interface


Quick Lua Tip for TonicBars Users


I finally sat down yesterday to try and get back in game for some of the festival fun.  One of the things that immediately annoyed me (as it has since Update 5) was the issue with TonicBars and the new in-game plug-in manager.  I decided that I would make this my first project to track down, and was surprised not only how quickly I found the solution but how simple it was.

I hopped over to the plug-in’s LOTRO Interface page and there was a perfect description of the problem and the fix in the comments section (Thanks Magill).  I have no clue what the real issue is, but the fix isn’t too bad at all:

  • Disable loading TonicBars via Turbine’s Plug-in Manager
  • Also disable loading any previous Plug-in Manager via Turbine’s one
  • When you load in, manually set up the Manager to only load TonicBars
  • Create a Shortcut for loading the Manager using the following command:
    • /shortcut 13 /plugins load manager
    • or a alias shortcut if you (like me) already had an alias set up
  • Everything should work just like previously

I haven’t seen any other Lua issues with Update 5, am I missing any?

And I’m still waiting for someone with Lua smarts to come up with a better Fellowship Healing display :)


Stumbling into 2012


I’ve been pretty quiet lately and that’s mainly due to a lack of playing time with real life and a packed holiday schedule.  But the end of the year usually is a pretty quiet time anyway, so there really wasn’t all that much to write about anyway ;)

I just wanted to toss out a quick post letting folks know what I have in store to kick off the new year:

  • Quick LOTRO Lua fix I stumbled upon
    • Hint – it pertains to TonicBars and Update 5
  • Re-cap of the little gaming I’ve been doing including LOTRO and Civilization 5.
  • Look back at 2011 and looking forward to MMO land in 2012
  • I have 3 episodes to finish editing of The Secret War Podcast, including an interview with Funcom Community Manager Morteia
  • Getting Sally Forth back on track with probably a look back and look forward episode.  Also, hopefully I’ll get a chance to chat with Turbine here soon.
  • Also getting back in a normal schedule with LOTRO Reporter
  • Hopefully I’ll also be getting a new computer here sometime soon which should help remedy some of my frustrations of late.

Other then that, here’s looking forward to a fun filled 2012!


Episode 26 – What Now?



This episode is a little old as I recorded it prior to the Thanksgiving holiday but never finished editing it.  However, be on the look out for another episode this week as well as another Turbine Interview next week.


Topic – What else to do in game?

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