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Update 5 Reputation Dev Diary


One of the less talked about changes with Update 5 comes in the form of some tweaks to the Reputation system, and mainly in the way the turn-ins are handled.  Like the previous Instance Finder diary, this does function more as a Q&A but a little more beef in it.

Essentially all the various items that previously you had to turn in to some guy somewhere, they’re now consumable!  So you just use the item from your inventory and poof you have more reputation!

Sadly NPCs whose sole purpose was to collect these items have been removed from the game :(

A couple other things to point out:

  • You will only be able to use items up until Kindred
  • There will be items specifically for the Moria Guard and Miners such as to not cause confusion.  Not real sure what’s happening to the existing ones.  If you’re concerned, this is one of the questions in the discussion thread.
  • Crafting guild reputation isn’t changing at all

Overall this is one of those little changes that just makes things easier, not a game breaker but contributes to the overall enjoyment of the game.


Episode 25 – Leveling in Isengard



As I made my way up to level 75 on my Warden, I wanted to share a few lessons learned – or things I wish I would’ve done better, so I decided to share those for a topic this week.  Feel free to add any that I missed in the comments, or one of the various other ways to reach me!




Lore-mastery: Level 75 non-armour gear


The end-game gear treadmill has started anew, so it’s time to start sitting down and working out what pieces you should be shooting for. I won’t be talking about armour in this post, both because I’ve discussed the raid armour set in a previous post, and because I haven’t yet had the time to work out the best way of mixing and matching set pieces with random drops. I’ll probably do a later post updating this one when I get the chance, but for now I’m focussing on non-armour pieces. Also, while the discussion here is specifically aimed at lore-masters, most of the stat priorities are the same for each of the 3 tactical classes so the gear discussed here should be basically the same as for minstrels and rune-keepers.

Where to get loot

There’s a few sources for obtaining good end-game loot in Isengard – reputation, crafting, raid skirmishes and the helegrod and draigoch raids. You’ll note I’ve left out scaled classic 3- and 6-person instances from that list. That’s because as far as I’ve seen, the loot in there is a step below all of the above source of loot; even crafted and Dunland or Riders reputation gear is better than the pieces that drop in GB etc, which is slightly strange but that seems to be how they’ve done the itemisation (unless the screenshots I’ve seen are completely off, which is possible).

Raid skirmishes are a pretty easy source of some really good gear, including worn symbols of celembrimbor (approximately 1/3 chance of dropping) and various random drops. The random item drops are linked to individual skirmish campaigns, so certain pieces will drop in, say, any of the the Naillan campaign skirmishes (Ford of Bruinen, Strike against Dannenglor and Protectors of Thangulhad). You can get loot (and S4Ms) from each raid skirmish once per week – the reset time is the same as all the other weekly raids, which I think is about 6am US eastern time. It’s not a proper ‘raid lock’ though; even if you’ve completed the skirmish that week, you can still run that skirmish again, you just can’t roll for (or be assigned through master looter) any of the chest loot. If you arrange it with your group though, then you can use master looter and /roll to distribute any non-BoA loot (T7 relics and worns ymbols), provided your raid leader doesn’t have the skirmish lock. The skirmish locks also aren’t shared from the raid leader to other raid members, as regular raid locks are.

What loot to get

I’ve updated my big lore-master gear spreadsheet with a bunch of Isengard gear. I’ve mostly based my stats off what I’ve seen myself along with the consolidated loot list on the forums. What I’ve done differently to the various lists out there though is try to figure out some mathematical way of evaluating which piece is better than what. And doing that was a whole lot more complicated for level 75 gear than it was for level 65 gear, thanks to the removal of stat caps and the prevalence of secondary stats such as tactical offence and ICPR on all kinds of gear. There are limitations to any mathematical calculation of stats like this, but it does have its uses – for example it let me see very quickly that the classic scaled instance gear was very underwhelming.

I think it’s worth explaining how I worked out the “total” stat numbers in the spreadsheet. The basic idea was that I used the “weights” number on the right of the screen to boost or discount the stats. First I started with the primary stats. With the removal of stat caps, I didn’t think I should treat all of them equally because at the end of the day you’re going to want a whole lot more will than fate or vitality. Then with morale and power I started from the premise that they are equal to 1/3 of their relevant primary stat becuase 1 vit/will gives you 3 morale/power. But while I’m fairly indifferent between an extra point of vitality and an extra 3 points of vitality (you get a bit more from vitality directly because of the resistance/mitigation formulas), I’d much, much rather a point of will than a point of power so I’ve discounted power on its own quite substantially.

Taking into account the other secondary stats was much harder. With crit rating, I again started from the point that 1 point of fate gives you about 1.7 points of crit rating (that’s how it works for a lore-master, not sure for other classes) and then discounted crit rating a bit further becuase I’d rather have a point of fate, which gives ICPR/ICMR on top of crit rating. One point of will gives you 10 points of both Tactical offence and outgoing healing, so I’ve divided the sum of OHR/Tac offence by 20 and then discounted them a bit becuase you’d rather have a direct point of will (which also gives you power). I wasn’t really sure how to weight ICPR (you can get some silly numbers for it if you assume, say, that it gives you constant power over a 5 or 10 minute fight), so I just tried to adjust it to a point where it seemed to make sense. I did the same with finesse, the number I’ve got in there is just one that seemed to make sense and balance out similar types of gear. All of these weightings are pretty subjective though. People should feel absolutely free to download the spreadsheet and plug in their own ratings to see what that does to the final numbers.

Going slot by slot, there are some interesting choices to make:

  • Cloak: I haven’t yet found many options here. There’s not much splitting the Storytelling Cloak (Theodred rep) and Elven Reflection Cloak (Naillan campaign), but go with the latter if you can because the ICPR from the extra fate should offset the loss of a bit of crit rating.
  • Ear: The Glimmering Stone Earring (Theodred rep) has the highest total stats, but the crafted Tactical earring of Theodred is a great option if you want a bit more fate/crit and don’t mind losing a bit of morale. And the Earring of the Mathom-Tender (Enguilan campaign) has a huge amount of will/vit – personally I’d recommend that in a raiding or support role. You could also take a look at the crafted Resolute Earring of Theodred if you’re feeling a bit too squishy.
  • Neck: The clear standout option here is Necklace of the Gentle Healer from the Cannuilan campaign, which has a great balance of all primary stats. The Chain of Heavy Knowledge is a good ‘glass cannon’ choice, personally I’m using the Fated necklace of Theodred over it though for the valuable chunk of vit/morale it brings.
  • Off-hand: The crafted Steadfast Sword of Theodred is a wonderful support sword, with a hefty chunk of morale and ICPR. In a DPS role though, you’d be looking for the Bright Blade from the Helegrod spider wing.
  • Pocket: The Western Seas Navigation Chart (Cannuilan campaign) is a clear winner here, use the crafted Rohirric lore-book until you can get it. The Galadhrim Medicinal Pouch from Draigoch is a bit low on total stats, but in a support role in an AOE-damage environment (like many raids) you’d probably value the extra morale that it gives over the crit rating given by the navigation chart, so it’s a good raiding pocket.
  • Ring: The Cardolan Plague Doctor’s Ring from the Helegrod drakes ring is pretty much the perfect ring. It’s got everything you could ask for. There’s a few other good rings from various skirmish campaigns, until you can get them though the ring of the stag/boar from Dunland rep aren’t bad fill in choices. The same can’t be said for the Fated Ring of Theodred which is a disappointingly awful piece of jewelery; it’s actually worse than the Onyx and Emerald Ring from OD T2 disease wing!
  • Wrist: This is a tricky slot. Diamond-Flecked Wristlet (Adlan campaign) is a good choice if you’re after the traditional heavy-ICPR wrist, and it’s got a good chunk of will. Cuff of the Wise from Helegrod Spiders trades off a bit of direct ICPR for a lot of fate and is a good choice. But despite its low overal stat score, the pick of the bunch, especially from a raiding perspective, would have to be the Bracelet of the Thoughtful Council (Draigoch) which combines good primary stats with a nice chunk of morale. There’s also a couple of good Theodred rep options, but I’d stay away from the crafted bracelet of Theodred because raw power just isn’t all that useful.

If you see anything I’ve missed, I’d love to hear from you, as well as any thoughts on what pieces you’re going after.


Episode 22 – Isengard Interview with Turbine



I have to admit I was a little shocked by the conversation today with Turbine on a number of fronts.  I was very happy to hear from folks other then the Producers, not that that’s not valuable, but I had some pretty specific questions that I was glad to here ZC and Graalx2 hop in to cover.  Not to mention there were quite a few very exciting things brought up in this interview.

My apologies for the call quality, not only were they on a speaker phone but I was recording using Google Voice which would sometimes drop out on our ends, but still record in good quality resulting in some question repetition.

Also, I want to thank Merric and Goldenstar from CSTM for letting me know what questions they were covering such that I could focus on some other topics.  I highly recommend listening to their interview as well since we cover different topics.

On the call were:

  • Adam Mersky – Director of Communications
  • Aaron Campbell – Producer
  • Brian “Zombie Columbus” Aloisio – Systems Designer
  • Ken “Graalx2” Burd – Systems Designer

I’m not going to give away the whole show, but here are some of the topics we cover:

  • I do start with some of the more negative aspects of Isengard
  • Draigoch raid mechanics and loot
  • Scalable Instance Loot Details
  • Class changes
  • Set bonuses, including Graalx2 talking about the Warden set bonus
  • Upcoming Barter changes
  • Some nice nuggets for Update 5

I have to admit, not only am I very excited for Isengard, but I think LOTRO is going to do quite well through the storm of all the upcoming game releases.

I have kept a list of all the questions, and will look to come back to those during my next chance to chat with Turbine.


Sally Forth in Middle Earth – Episode 18



Dealing with a slightly slower news week, this episode includes a longer topic and some more discussion on what I’ve been up to in-game.


Topic – Dailies

  • Skirmishes
  • Moria
  • Instances
  • Tasks
  • Reputation
    • Including Crafting Guilds

Here’s the site I mentioned with all Lorien, Moria, Mirkwood, and Enedwaith barter locations.

Feel free to post comments here and include your reviews on iTunes!

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