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Jumping Ship


I’ve been a bit quiet posting lately, and that’s mainly due to a lack of actual gaming.  I’ve been playing some FM13, but during the off-season of real football, my interest has waned a bit.  I’ve also struggled getting into the other games I’ve been playing, namely LOTRO, TSW, and RIft.  But my recent excitement about Camelot Unchained got me thinking about what I’m looking for in a game, and that then prompted my jump.

Back to Camelot Unchained, the Kickstarter has been funded and there’s a ton of stuff going on so far.  There have been a number of updates, including new animations and art-work, but what really got me going was the opening of the Founder’s Forums.  I haven’t been too active over there, but two things really got me thinking.  First off, there are (naturally) a ton of former DAOC players there and it really got me reminiscing about that game and the fun I had there.  I remember spending hours on end in PvP that not only meant something but had somewhat painful ramifications for death, nothing permanent, just travel time.  Then of course all the talk about what was and wasn’t going to be in the game and how various systems would work got me thinking about what I actually wanted to do in a game.

So this started me looking at what I wasn’t enjoying about the games I’m currently playing, and I came up with two major things:

  • I want PvP that not only means something but has ramifications that bring on that adrenaline rush that I just can’t get in a battleground.
  • I’m kinda over questing and doing things like reputation grinds or dailies.

The combination of those two thoughts, drove me to a pretty clear and simple answer – I’ve re-subscribed to Eve Online.  Now, I’m not saying I won’t go back to the other games, but I have lifetimes in both LOTRO and TSW, and Rift is going F2P and thanks to Raptr I now have their latest expansion pack as well.  So I can jump back to any of them with little cost impacts, heck I’ll even have enough VIP points in LOTRO for the next expansion whenever it comes out.

I ended up subbing for 3 months to try it out, and after figuring out which of my characters was better off, I started the process of allocating earned points from retired skills since I had originally played back when they had the “learning” skills.  I poked around at some guides for noobs, and then stumbled upon the whole “certificates” section of the character panel which has really helped guide me through what skills to train next.

My initial gameplan has two areas of focus at least while skills are relatively quick to attain – PvP and mining.  I’m only going to work on mining such that I can get the requisite individual ore processing skills, then I’ll switch and solely focus on PvP as mining will just be a side diversion for me.  I was lucky enough to get a couple of free ships, I guess since I’ve had an account for over 6 years, and I sold one for a nice chunk of ISK (nice chunk for a newbie that is) and the other works perfectly as a cheap mining vessel.  I finished the military agent quest line, and now I’m working on upgrading my questing acquired Rifter initially as a solo/ratting build just so I can remember how combat works and get a handle on that aspect.

Once I get my arms around all that, its off to find a Corp and start working probably on a tackling build, but I have to admit I’m intrigued by both the Covert and EW aspects of the game.

So far, I’m having a blast romping around in space and am really impressed by how smooth and fun this game has been.  It was a bit daunting at first, but there’s lots of ways (without even talking to anyone) to get a handle on what’s going on.  We shall see where all this takes me, but for now I think my home will be out in space.


LOTRO Update 11 Official Patch Notes


The patch notes are live for folks to check out as the servers should be up soon-ish.  I’m not going to post them in full, but a few highlights:

<Update> Don’t forget there’s a new batch of top tier guild craftables as I mentioned previously <Update>

  • I’ll be curious to see how the new Mounted Combat works, as well as what new mechanics are there in Wildermore like Aaron has mentioned.  I like the concept of mounted combat, but more attention needs to be paid to the content for it to be anything more then a gimmic.
  • We’re getting Hobbit Presents, so more incentive to log in a do stuff daily – or so Turbine hopes.
  • A little more incentive to pay your rent – foreclosures after 6 months, so if you’re looking for a house, there should be some new openings coming.
  • Turbine is really pushing Mithril Coins, and I expect them to almost completely replace Turbine Points for purchases.
  • Yet another Legendary Item reset – so don’t forget to spend your points!
  • I like the rested XP now applies to all gained and not just monster kills, but I’m not sure I quite understand all the potential impacts and/or limits there.
  • Sorry Captains, but “Defeat Event Cooldown” reducing bonuses will no longer stack
  • All sorts of class tweaks
  • Another new barter coin – Warband Barter Tokens which can be used for the legendary pocket item upgrades

What else jumped out for folks?

Also, if you haven’t already, you might want to check out the 2 recent dev diaries on Mounted Combat and the Epic Story as these actually do go a little deeper then some of the other diaries out there.


Camelot Unchained


I have quite a few VERY fond memories of Dark Ages of Camelot, so naturally when I heard there was a reboot in the making I was quite intrigued.  Although I will admit it wasn’t until VERY recently that I started to get excited about it.  I have tossed in my money and support for the game, so this is a bit of a selfish post in that I want the game to be made, but I think there are some very cool things they’re trying to do.  Granted, we saw with The Secret World, that doing cool things doesn’t always work out so well, but I think it is important that developers keep pushing the envelope.

So far the two biggest things they’ve announced that have just blown my mind are the housing system and stealth system.  Granted, these are both just conceptual at this time as we’re talking about a game that’s 2 years out, but still they have some pretty darn cool ideas.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, a little background on the game itself.  While it is probably not exactly true, I think you can look at this as DAOC with zero PvE content – so purely a 3 realm PvP MMO.  This alone is an interesting concept as you have to deal with growth, leveling, content, as well as keeping it all balanced.

So with that as a backdrop, the concept of housing becomes very interesting.  This smacks of what the housing system in Age of Conan was supposed to be and what you could do in Star Wars Galaxies, in that you could create your own fortress.  But they’ve taken this even one step further and are looking at implementing custom built housing such that you can design whatever you want on that plot of land.  If nothing else, I hope other companies take a page from this idea and give players more ways to customize the physical structure of the house, and not just what’s in it.  Now take that concept, and put it in a purely PvP game- and there are some really cool and fun possibilities there.  On their update section, you can check out a video explaining and showing off this system in more detail.

The other topic they talked about was stealth, which is always a tough one especially in PvP.  Again, in DAOC I was out in RvR quite frequently and I did have a ranger that I camped out with many a time.  So many of the advantages and issues the stealth class has I am quite aware of, but I also RvR’d with a Mage and a Warden, so I was often on the other side of things.  Needless to say, their concept of the Veil (I’m thinking “ring-vision” with Frodo from Lord of the Rings) accomplishes a couple of things.  I provides a way for people to do things in a stealthy way, but presents them with a trade-off and some pain for doing it.  The Veil itself is a living environment, so just like the Nazgul, bad things can find you in the Veil.  And the Veil gets pissed off if there are people too close together – so that will discourage pack stealth hunting.  Then with this system, toss in the concept of a Veil Hunter who actually hunts those who are playing in the Veil, and it just sounds pretty cool.  They do a much better job explaining this all and have a pretty in-depth video posted if you want to check it out.

These are just a couple of the concepts that have intrigued me but ones that are unique and outside of what I’ve seen from other games.  If you’re interested or just want to learn more about the game (and possibly chip in for the effort) head over to their Kickstarter page.  There’s only a few days left and they’re still a bit short of their goal so every pre-order helps!


LOTRO Official Update 10 Release Notes



Shockingly enough, there’s a known issues list already posted.  Pretty significant especially when there’s so much in there regarding loot not hooked up, which was one of the main selling points for this update.  Seems like a minor issue – and I don’t understand why Turbine springs a release with no warning when there are this many “little” things un-resolved.  Granted, it probably will take them time to wrap everything up but it seems like another pass of polish would’ve done quite a bit of good and not let the community down at all.

<End Update>

I was a little surprised that they sprung Update 10 on us yesterday, mainly because there had been so little PR for it.  Pretty much the VERY light “developer diaries” were the only things leading up to this update, without too much fanfare.  Maybe Turbine feels guilty that many people paid for this update almost a year ago, but oh well.  There’s not much that’s in the notes that we haven’t seen from the pushes to Bullroarer so this should mainly just be a compilation of those patches.  The full notes can be found here, but I picked a few that jumped out for me:

  • Mithril coins are in – don’t forget to log into your alts to gather all these up
  • All sorts of Critical Damage changes – hopefully this isn’t too broken
  • Tons of power changes – there were mixed reviews of this on Bullroarer, but expect to need to do some tweaking to adjust to the changes
  • Fate is now the leading contributor to critical rating
  • New 6 man (Bells of Dale), and 3 new 12 man raids (Flight of the Lonely Mountain, Fires of Smaug, Battle for Erebor)
  • In Their Absence instance cluster is now scalable
  • Warden’s are now agility based
  • All sorts of PvMP changes
  • Forced emotes have a toggle now so you won’t be impacted by them
  • No more defeat dread
    • I’m still not sure why this was removed – was it really that big of a deal for people?
  • Tasks and quests can now be completed in a raid
    • I don’t get this one either – seems like this creates more potential farming issues like the Hytbold areas
  • Trail foods can be made at ovens now – another “why did this take so long” thing

Overall it is good that they’re adding more instance content, but the massive system changes are always scary since they never seem to get them right the first time.

What are folks most excited about with Update 10?


The Secret World January Game Director Letter


Joel Bylos put out another Game Director Letter today and there’s a good mix of the good and bad, but one thing I love about Joel (and the whole TSW team) is that they’re not shy about admitting what’s going on.

He starts off with describing what’s going on with corporate Funcom and how it relates to The Secret World.  I really appreciate this transparency into not only what’s going on but how it has impacted the TSW team specifically.  Essentially Funcom has decided that it wants a single studio for all of its live games based in North Carolina.  This means that many of the teams supporting TSW, AoC, and others will either have to move or find other jobs.  I’m sure there will be some turnover with all of the teams but it sounds like the core of the team will continue on the game.  However, once again this is another corporate shift that will cause issues and delays in how TSW roles out content.  Hopefully this is just a small near term hurdle that they team can power through.  They’ve been through bigger and worse hurdles, so I am confident that the team will push through.

I know many will (and already have) indicate that this is a sign that TSW is in trouble and will shut down.  It is still quite early for that kind of talk since this move is just part of the restructuring that they announced back in December BEFORE TSW made its business shift.  This move is a corporate decision and has nothing to do with TSW specifically, granted it will have an impact but it isn’t a move based on the performance of any specific game.

I don’t like talking about this kind of stuff and I’ll admit it really bugs me when people jump to poor conclusions based on at best incomplete information or at worst inaccurate or stale information.  I prefer to keep things on what we actually know and what the studios are actually releasing as opposed to rumor-mongering.

On to more fun stuff, what about Issue 6 you say?  The bad news is that we are still a month out for when we’ll see it as it is slated for late February.  With all the corporate restructuring this doesn’t surprise me, but still I was hoping for an earlier release date.  I’ve loved the existing Egypt story, so the updates there and the inclusion of an “Indiana Jones” theme is great.  I’ll be curious how the Whip works as an auxiliary weapon, especially from a graphical perspective.

In addition to the new story stuff, there are also some VERY cool system changes coming too.  I love that they’re showing love to the Cabal system, and not just the standard things (logs, custom ranks, notes) but also adding a Cabal news feed which sounds quite intriguing.  Also key is that this is just the “first step” on improving the system in response to community response.  I’m consistently impressed with how well this team is able incorporate what other games have done with their community feedback and roll it into the game.

PvP is also getting some updates, but we’ll have to wait for the upcoming Developer blog to learn more about what’s planning.  I haven’t done too much out there, but I’d really like for this system to do well in TSW as I think it could be a huge factor in overall game enjoyment.

Finally, Joel confirmed that the Veteran rewards will first appear with Issue 6 and that it will be a system they consistently add to and improve.  Personally I’m most excited about the repair consumable, the portable vendors, and of course the new cosmetics and pets.

Overall I think this is a positive letter from Joel and once they get through this corporate mess, I’m confident they’ll continue to pump out quality content.

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