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Upcoming Changes to the Ost Dunhoth Armor


While most folks will be exchanging their armor pretty quickly once Rise of Isengard hits, I did want to mention a potential upcoming change in the barter amounts for these sets.  Granted this is off of Bullroarer and subject to change, but one of my readers tipped me off to this change and I did in fact verify it on Bullroarer.  I’ll caution folks once more, this could change again, so don’t bank on it unless you’re willing to take that risk.

  • Tier 2 set pieces will only need the piece specific coin, no additional medallions
  • Tier 1 set pieces will now be either 90 (Boots, Gloves, Shoulders) or 120 (Helm, Legs, Chest) medallions each

I do wish they would’ve made this change earlier on, but I know I’m holding onto my barter pieces until RoI hits as I really don’t need the gear now.  Maybe I’ll be able to piece together some sets for cosmetic purposes :)


Sally Forth in Middle Earth – Episode 18



Dealing with a slightly slower news week, this episode includes a longer topic and some more discussion on what I’ve been up to in-game.


Topic – Dailies

  • Skirmishes
  • Moria
  • Instances
  • Tasks
  • Reputation
    • Including Crafting Guilds

Here’s the site I mentioned with all Lorien, Moria, Mirkwood, and Enedwaith barter locations.

Feel free to post comments here and include your reviews on iTunes!


LOTRO Raiding Success


I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while, but am just now getting to it.  On Monday of this week I was lucky enough to find myself in a position to raid with one of my kinship’s static groups as a couple people couldn’t make it.  They ended up needing my Minstrel, and were starting with the Disease wing of Ost Dunhoth.  This could be one of the most hectic and chaotic fights you’ll see, so I wanted to walk through a bit of it as some advice for others looking to run that.  By far this was one of the most fun times I’ve had in game for a long time and brought back many good memories of why I love this game and run with the groups I do.

I would also suggest checking out my previous Minstrel post concerning building a survivable Minstrel as you will need to withstand a couple of hits during this fight :)  I’m still not where I want to be with my Minstrel, but he’s getting better.

The fight starts off with the raid having to split up between 2 separate large trees which are off in different sides of a large room.  As you damage the trees, after a fixed period of time, waves of bog lurkers will come out.  While the lurkers are alive, the trees can’t be harmed.  To further complicate things, in order to complete challenge mode, you need to make sure you’re attacking the correct colored lurkers and don’t damage the other side’s.  The other catch to hard mode is that it is timed such that you will fail if you have more then 2 waves of lurkers in addition to each tree needing to die closely in time.  While the trees are damageable, it is essentially a DPS race with the lurker periods being contained chaos as you try to regroup.  The problem with the lurkers is that they hit VERY hard and you need to keep them alive to ensure all your heavy DPS skills are up and available.  They’ll hit for upwards of 1000 per hit and as such the squishies will go down real fast if you don’t have good agro control.  For most classes this isn’t too bad as you can just stop hitting them, but for healers you have to be extremely careful as you’re healing the group constantly.  This is where the chaos comes in as ideally the tank has all of the lurkers, but at times one (or more) will peel off and come after the healer.  Someone then needs to act fast and pull that off and either hold it or pass it over to the tank.

As a Minstrel, you need to be doing quite a bit in order to pull this all off.  Your main priority is keeping the tank alive, which will be hard as they are getting smacked around for upwards of 3000 per attack from the lurkers.  You also will need to get Song of Soothing (our de-taunt) off whenever it is up, which if you have skill target forwarding enabled you can just cast through the tank.  In addition, Anthem (or song depending on your traits) of Compassion, to lessen healing agro, is quite helpful as well which requires you to either tier up your ballads or use Cry of the Chorus to open them up.  As you can imagine, this gets pretty crazy and toss in the occasional crit hit that ends up killing someone forcing you (or another in the group) to have to bring that person back up.  Coordination between the main healers and all the off-healers is really critical during these phases and don’t be afraid to ask for help or use one of our oh-poop buttons like Fellowship’s Heart.  This is also a fight where Captains really shine as they can off-heal, off-tank, and help out in shielding the group via Shield of the Dunedain or In Harms Way.  The last portion of added fun is while you’re dealing with the lurkers, the trees are still attacking and the tank can lose agro.  Usually it will go to the DPS classes, but it is quite possible that you as the healer could be the next highest on the threat list.  If this happens, someone (anyone), needs to grab the trees agro and help top off the healer or you will come painfully close to wipe territory.

Now you may be thinking that during the damaging the trees portion you get to relax, but you would be quite wrong.  At the start of that phase you should use Call to Greatness on most likely the Captain such that they can fire off all their defeat skills.  You’ll then want to do as much damage as you can with ballads but also preparing for the impending healing you’ll have to do.  Getting off Anthem of the Free Peoples really helps as does Anthem of Compassion and you should have enough time for both of those as you rip through your ballads.  Even though you need to do maximum damage, I would not suggest trying to run in War-Speech as the healing penalty is pretty rough and things just hit so hard, one unlucky critical hit and your group could be in real trouble.  This way you can focus on healing while everyone else just pounds away.

For me, this is one of the more challenging fights in LOTRO and really forces many classes to utilize all their skills in order to be successful.  All the support classes have areas to shine as I mentioned with Captains above, Loremasters with power and CC, and Fellowship Maneuvers sometimes prove to be wipe savers.  It also is a case where having a group that works together well is very important.  I’m lucky in that not only has that group more or less been raiding together for a long time, but I’ve run lots of content with them over the years and can reasonably fill in.  I wouldn’t suggest trying to PUG that fight (yes I’ve tried that too) but if you can get in with a good group it is a blast!

Sadly I wasn’t quick enough to get any in-action screenshots and was too scared of performance issues to try and record the fight.  But at least I can share the snapshot of our loot and chat celebrations :)



Sally Forth in LOTRO – Episode 12



This weeks episode focuses on the Anniversary with a little bit of a trip down memory lane.



  • My week of Raiding Ost Dunhoth
  • Looking back on the past 4 years

Episode 12 of the Sally Forth in LOTRO Podcast


thaurlach144x144TGN Episode 12 is almost on time :) and the full show notes are up over on TGN-Stratics.

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