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2 New LOTRO Update 9 Developer Diaries


We got a couple new diaries today, although in all honesty there wasn’t really anything new in these nor was there that much depth.  I read these as just PR pieces to advertise the new Update as opposed to giving players an insight into what’s going on.  Said another way, I didn’t gain anything more out of these diaries then I did from reading the patch notes.

The first diary covers the new Instance cluster and is labeled as just Part one of the instance diaries.  Essentially this diary lays out the stories behind the 3 Hobbit themed 3-man instance spaces.  I do like the ideas behind them and look forward to running them, but this diary really didn’t change anything on that aspect.

We also do get a bit more information on the new loot mechanic, but this seems to be just a re-hashing of what we’re already seen.  Essentially every character in an instance will have their own loot table and their own chance to get loot, including the option to get some of the new Legendary equipment.  I do like the idea, and appreciate Turbine’s efforts to not only make improvements on the system but also a continued focus on making sure there are attainable goals for people to accomplish by running these spaces.

The other diary we saw today was regarding the upcoming Combat Revisions.  There are some pretty significant changes coming for the combat system.  I’m not 100% sure what’s driving these system changes, but they’re not trivial changes at all and they’ll make significant changes to how folks play the game.

  • Interrupt Changes
    • In PvMP if an induction skill is interrupted the induction will be cancelled and put on a 4 second cooldown.
    • In PvE any interrupt skill with less then a 10 second cooldown, that cooldown will be increased
      • Lots of tweaks here for pretty much every class
      • Wardens get hit hard as all our inductions are removed from gambits
        • Now we have a non-gambit skill Shield Slam which is an interrupt on a 15 second cooldown
  • Critical Defense Changes
    • The system changes from reducing the chance of a critical hit to reducing the magnitude of said hit.
  • Miss Chance Revision
    • we can’t miss anymore Smile
    • However, attacks can still be deflected
    • Many traits have been tweaked to do other stuff based on this

I haven’t had much of a chance to really check out all these changes but I’m not 100% sold on them.  The whole Interrupt thing sounds like a HUGE change for both PvMP and PvE and will really impact how champs and wardens are used in instances.  This will also change lots of fight strategies as you can no longer assume you’ll be able to interrupt when you need to.  I also hate the change for Wardens as it just seems like they don’t know how to handle gambits and need to put in other class mechanics to fit their game designs.

As for the critical defense, I think this will be a good thing for Wardens, but probably bad for Guardians and Champions.  Wardens should now be able to better stand up against bigger hitting boss fights and not get ripped to shreds by big critting bosses.  However, this has also been a big advantage for Guardians and Champs just don’t have the same options for boosting critical defense.

As for misses, I really just see this is a renaming and not really anything of much consequence.

I’m guessing tomorrow we’ll have the other part of the Instance Diary, as Update 9 is scheduled to hit the servers on Monday.


LOTRO Developer June Q&A


Today Clover posted a nice series of questions and answers from the LOTRO community to the Development team.  This seems like a nice way to bridge the gap between the update developer diaries as we’re in a bit of a slow period between updates.  One other aspect of this Q&A is that it gives us a little bit more of a feel for the size of the team as we here from more then just the usual suspects.

Some interesting behind the scenes questions on how they do things but there’s nothing super exciting with regards to upcoming content.  Don’t get me wrong, I like hearing from the dev staff whenever we can and I think pieces like this help us better look at them as people as opposed to programming robots ;)  There are a number of questions around the PvMP system and while folks might not like the answers, at least they’re opening themselves up to the conversation.

I didn’t see anything in there about any potential updates before Rohan or anything new about Rohan (that we didn’t already know about) but please correct me if I’m wrong.

The full article can be found here as well as the follow-up discussion thread on the forums.


LOTRO 5th Anniversary Developer Diary


We have seen all the goodies for the Anniversary and now some behind the scenes of the actual festival from Sleepy.

Some cool sounding stuff and I can honestly say I’m really excited for the new fireworks and the competing fireworks shows.  Both feel very LOTRO like to me and I always thought the fireworks were a little on the lame side.  The two games both remind me of the Theatre in WinterHome which is one of those events that always seems fun.

Sleepy also walks through the changes for the Beer Brawl which will work in a similar fashion to the Shrew Stomping as there will be multiple quests at different difficulty levels such that you can decide which method you want to pursue.  I’ve always enjoyed the Beer Brawl but more options are always good Smile

I have to say this is shaping up to be quite the fun event!


Update 6 Diaries and Launch Date


An interesting and busy day for Turbine as they released a pair of Developer Diaries and also pretty stealthily the launch date for Update 6 – Shores of the Great River.  An article over on Massively prompted the response and confirmation from Sapience that Update 6 will hit live next Monday the 12th of March!  I have to admit that I’m pretty surprised they’re releasing it so soon as there once again has been VERY little time to do anything on Bullroarer.  It is becoming more and more clear that Bullroarer is nothing more that a sanity check that there’s nothing terribly broken and not the test server it used to be.  I haven’t had enough time to play around over there and most likely won’t before things launch, which is unfortunate.  Here’s hoping there was some serious bug squashing on the builds after they hit Bullroarer.

As for the diaries, they focused on the changes to the Instance Finder.

First up was the diary on the specific changes to the Instance Finder specifically:

  • The biggest change being the ability to choose specific instances to run or not run
  • the tier, type, and size buttons not only are selections but filters to restrict the choices
  • There’s now a simple tab which just allows you to pick a role and type, nothing else
  • And there’s a “Specific” tab which essentially replaces the Instance Join tool
  • There are also options you can choose at the creation and have fellowship wide votes to change if needed.

The second diary by Zombie Columbus focuses more on the changes to the rewards from using the Instance Finder

  • :Full reward of +50% currency and +5% power/morale is only available when allowing full flexibility in instance choice
  • This number will scale based on the instances available, so at level 20 it is still possible to get the full reward
  • Since the removal of Skirmish Daily quests upset so many, Skirmish Completion Quests (always available) will now award XP, IXP, Reputation, gold, and marks.
    • However, the bonus XP for monster kills has been toned down to compensate

All around some good changes and another pretty good case of Turbine listening to the community.  The actual launch date is a bit concerning to me, but I like most of the changes coming and how many are direct responses to what we’ve been asking for.


LOTRO Buried Treasure Teaser


We’ve seen this event teased a few times, but it sounds like this might be the event they’ve hinted at in a couple of the 2012 preview conversations.  Today Turbine posted a behind the scenes look at the Buried Treasure event giving some insight into how it works and some of the potential rewards.

Personally, I don’t understand why it has taken so long for this event to make its way to live (still no actual dates given) as it seems like they’ve been able to do entire festivals while this one has been in “beta.”  As for the event itself, it sounds cool and fun and I’ll be curious to see what all is available from those barter items.  I do like these non-progression tied events as they give you something else to do in times when you just want to hang out and relax.  And for some reason, I find the concept of a trained cave-claw to be very fascinating and just picturing the dialog options between characters and the trainers has me anxious to try this event.

My only real concern with this even will be the availability of the “Treasure Hunter Picks” that come from repeatable quests, dig-sites, and of course, the LOTRO Store.  Hopefully there will be enough ways in-game to get some picks such that you’re not forced to use the store, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a once daily limit on the repeatable quest for the pick.

But by far, I’m sure everyone is anxiously awaiting their opportunity to get a coin dropping horse!  Make sure to check out the diary and the image gallery to see what’s coming.

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