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LOTRO Update 7.2 Patch Notes


The latest update to the game has slid in pretty quietly with notification only a day or so ago, but this isn’t really that big of an update just bug fixes primarily.  The full notes can be found on the Lorebook but for me a couple things stood out:

  • The much hyped Farmer’s Faire launches July 19th and hopefully we’ll get some more details as we haven’t seen anything other then the name so far
  • Fixed the broken travel routes
  • Frushkul in the Roots of Fangorn has been made smarter to find those hiding out in the Troll room
  • Apparel Dummies in hub cities
  • Various other bugs and issues have been resolved

For the most part good stuff here and I’m curious about the whole Apparel Dummy thing.  Many are complaining about it being just another way to shove the store in our faces.  But, if they’re placed near the already existing vendors it might actually make more sense then the way things currently work.  It would be very cool if they actually used this to show in-game vendor items as well!  Also, I’m really hoping this might be a technology test for letting us have them in our houses Winking smile  However the store skeptics could all very well be right and this could be a shameless store plug.


First Weekend Down in The Secret World


I’ve been pretty quiet on this game for a number of reasons but with my pre-order and my GM pack order finally going through I was all primed and ready for the head start weekend.  Until that is I realized I had deleted the game in my last massive hard-drive clean-up – so I spent the better part of Friday watching the patcher do its magic.  I’ve also had some performance issues with TSW so I was really hoping the live client and the various testing changes would result in a smoother gameplay for me.  I was more or less pleased, although I’ll get to that later.

I haven’t made it all that far, but I’ve done more so far then I managed to do during any of the open or closed beta events.  Part of that was intentional as I really wanted to keep the game fresh and not spoil too much of it, but also as you all know I really haven’t been gaming too much.

So far in game I’m mainly just messing around, taking it slow, and enjoying the setting.  I rolled over on the Huldra “server” at the recommendation of @MyLOTROGamer but I was VERY happy when I realized there’s really only one server for PvE content.  The PvP persistent warzones are split up based on the “servers” but that’s primarily as there’s a size cap on them and they wanted everyone to have a chance to enjoy them.  No more worries about what server your friends are on or being on a “slow” server, which was exactly what I was hoping Funcom would do.  I’ve settled into a spec using Blades and Pistols not from a functionality choice but I just think they look cooler.  A combination of ranged (although pistols are mid-range weapons) and melee seems to work out really well as I get some nice damage, buffing, healing and AoEs from that combination.

While there are parts of this that are “traditional MMO” there are a couple key things that have really stuck out to me.  With the modern setting, I LOVE the quest turn-in process as you essentially email your status and get the loot automagically.  This by far can be one of the most annoying MMO processes and I really like the way Funcom addressed this technically and aesthetically.

The other big aspect that smacks you pretty early is the diversity of the quests and the challenges they pose.    There are some “kill 10 rats” quests but so far it has been just phase one of a mission that builds up to something else.  And to be honest, kill quests don’t bug me as long as everything isn’t a kill quest Smile  I’ve also already run into 2 quests that I’ll admit I googled, which while sad to admit (they really weren’t that hard) means that I need to play this game differently then other MMOS, which is a VERY good thing.  I’m sure you can very successfully play this game without reading or paying attention, but there’s so much depth and intrigue built in that I’m going to want to pay more attention to make sure I don’t miss out on things.

Circling back to my performance issues, they seem sporadic and almost cyclical so I’m thinking possibly some background process that I haven’t squashed might be causing the issue.  But for the most part, I can just sit in the corner for a few seconds and it will pass so it isn’t a deal breaker.  However, I was quite frustrated that one quest (Horror Show) more or less requires you to play on at least medium settings.  That was the second quest I googled and once you can actually see stuff it becomes quite clear.

Like I said up front, I haven’t played too much but so far I’m very impressed with things.  I’ll be curious to see how the server does tomorrow (official launch) but so far things seem to have gone pretty well for Funcom.  The next couple of things I’m working on are:

  • Seeing if I can find some better cosmetic options
  • Try to figure out crafting a bit
  • Find somewhere to store my crap Smile

I know lots of folks are playing TSW, what are your impressions so far?


New LOTRO 5th Anniversary Screenshots


While we’re waiting for the servers to open back up, Turbine was nice enough to give us a few peaks at the Anniversary gifts and festival goodies look like.

First up the Gifts:

Horse and RobeAnniversary HorseAnniversary CloakBetter view of Anniversary CosmeticsDrinking Dwarf

I’m really liking the horse – but where’s the rider??

And now for the festival goodies

Horse RIGHT next to FireworksGiddie Hobbit Launching FireworksFireworks Stage PerformancePie eating time!


LOTRO’s 5th Anniversary Extravaganza


Well it looks like Turbine at least took some of the complaints from last year to heart as there’s a TON of new stuff coming with this anniversary.  I’m really looking forward to the upcoming diaries for the new quests and hub as the rewards just look amazing.  Not to mention that everyone is getting something for free with VIPs and veteran getting even more goodies.  Turbine did a good job of writing this up, so I’ll just summarize with some pictures Smile

The main article goes over the anniversary at a high level, and yes I SO want that steed!  And the cloak isn’t half bad either Smile

The new festival does sound pretty cool and I’m curious about the focus on fireworks.  I also wonder if that horse shoots them off randomly like the treasure mounts drop coins?

There’s also the video contest to win a trip to Turbine’s studios for those interested in competing and feel they’re the biggest fan.

And finally, there’s a TON of gifts coming for folks on the anniversary.  Everyone gets something, and then there are additional rewards based on how long you’ve been a subscriber.  I’m actually kinda afraid what this will do to my inventory, vault, cosmetic, etc. spaces since as a 5+ year veteran I get everything Winking smile  I was also happy to see these will also work for those who migrated from Codemasters as they will get proper credit.  Granted, we’ll have to see how that all actually works out.

Overall I think I’m most excited for the gifts and that festival horse – what about you all, what are you most excited about?


LOTRO Buried Treasure Teaser


We’ve seen this event teased a few times, but it sounds like this might be the event they’ve hinted at in a couple of the 2012 preview conversations.  Today Turbine posted a behind the scenes look at the Buried Treasure event giving some insight into how it works and some of the potential rewards.

Personally, I don’t understand why it has taken so long for this event to make its way to live (still no actual dates given) as it seems like they’ve been able to do entire festivals while this one has been in “beta.”  As for the event itself, it sounds cool and fun and I’ll be curious to see what all is available from those barter items.  I do like these non-progression tied events as they give you something else to do in times when you just want to hang out and relax.  And for some reason, I find the concept of a trained cave-claw to be very fascinating and just picturing the dialog options between characters and the trainers has me anxious to try this event.

My only real concern with this even will be the availability of the “Treasure Hunter Picks” that come from repeatable quests, dig-sites, and of course, the LOTRO Store.  Hopefully there will be enough ways in-game to get some picks such that you’re not forced to use the store, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a once daily limit on the repeatable quest for the pick.

But by far, I’m sure everyone is anxiously awaiting their opportunity to get a coin dropping horse!  Make sure to check out the diary and the image gallery to see what’s coming.

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