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NBI Wrap-up and Tools I Use



I wanted to try to get this post out before things ended, but I’ll sneak it in as a combo post.  Plus I’ll also toss it out as an open question for bloggers and readers on cool tools/apps they use for similar tasks.

First off, I think this was a very cool idea of Syp’s to jump start some folks and also get some new views sprinkling around the web.  He’s put up his own summary of the event as well as the listing of all the new blogs.  I’ve gone through and added some to my reader and plan to revisit to see which ones I’ve missed.  My Reader can never have enough gaming sites to check out Winking smile

I really do hope this has helped not only spur on some new folks but also trigger new ideas for all of us.  I’ve already been kicking around a number of ideas for things to write/talk about as well as some fun projects to tackle.  My lack of writing lately has nothing to do with a lost passion or enjoyment of writing just a combination of a whole host of RL factors that are really kicking my butt lately.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I don’t think it’s the on-coming train.

Of all the posts that have come out during this month, one thing I didn’t see too much of were the technical details of how folks blog and I figured I’d toss out some of my favorites and open up the comments for other ideas/suggestions.

  • For my actual writing, I use Windows Live Writer as it just makes laying things out easier and handles all the image uploading for you.  I’m not sure what the future holds as this is being phased out by Microsoft but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it Smile
  • I use Evernote for all sorts of things, but mainly as a note taking tool and web clipper for things I want to come back to.  Very handy as you can sync between machines and devices quite easily.  Great for brainstorming!
  • Most in-game snapshots are fine, but if you want to tweak them I personally use a tool called GIMP that’s an open source package that allows for all sorts of image manipulation while not being terribly complicated.
  • For video editing, I’ve had good success with Avidemux as it again does all that I need it to do without being terribly complex.
  • For all my audio needs (podcasting and video voice-overs) I use Audacity.
  • And last but not least, for video capture I use Fraps.  This is the only tool I use that costs any money, but for a lifetime fee of $35 it is well worth it.

Overall I really try to keep things on the free side, but in some cases that’s just not possible.

Any suggestions or other questions about how I do things from a technical perspective?


Support for the Newbie Blogger Initiative



As if Justin (aka Sypster) doesn’t have enough on his plate, he’s started up an initiative to help out folks new to the blogosphere.  I jumped at the chance to help out since I’m a relatively new blogger (only a little over 2 years now) and certainly have gone through my fair share of bumps and bruises along the way.  There are over 70 other bloggers involved and I’ve already seen quite a few new blogs kicked off, so it will be quite the fun community of the new and old Smile

Even though at times I get bogged down by real-life, blogging has provided a great outlet for me as well as a chance to interact with some fun communities and honestly I wish I had started earlier!

I will probably have a couple advice articles including how I’ve set things up on my side and the tools I use but figured I’d kick things off with a couple general thoughts.

  • Start off with some sort of idea or focus – you can always change/adapt but it will help you in the long run if you have something driving you
    • For example, I write with the focus on more of the end-game aspects which allows me to not worry about covering every aspect as I know there are other sites devoted to other portions.
  • Realize that by putting your thoughts you might get someone who doesn’t like what you have to say.  Certainly there will be useful and constructive “arguments’ that are always helpful but you just have to have a thick skin against the internet ugliness.
  • Blog because you enjoy it, not because you expect to make millions or get some sweet job with a gaming company.  While those may happen, if you focus on that there’s a good chance you might be let down.

If you’d like the full list of the 70+ sites involved, Wilhelm over at TAGN has the full list, or you can just head over to the site for the NBI.

I’m very excited to not only be a part of this but to see what the various communities have to offer, especially with all the new games coming out this year!


New Column and Writer


I’m quite happy to announce another writer has joined up with me on this venture and will be focusing on an area I know VERY little about – Loremasters.  Some of you may know Psychobabble from the forums as he’s a pretty frequent poster, but if not you can check out his introductory post shortly.  He reached out to me after my last podcast episode and I since we have pretty similar play styles with similar and different experiences I thought it would be a good fit.

I’m excited not only for those of you who play Loremasters to get more insight into the class but even more for those of us who don’t understand the class as we’ll get a much better feel for what they can do.

I’m not necessarily looking to grab a ton of folks on this site, but certainly if there are people out there who want to pitch in and have an area of expertise (Burglars anyone?) I’d be quite happy to see what we can work out.

As always, feel free to continue with comments and suggestions as you have them!


Move finally complete!


Well that took a LOT longer and was quite a bit more painful then I was hoping for, but I’m finally over on my new host.  Hopefully things will be quicker and there shouldn’t be as many issues as I was having with my previous host.  I’m still trying to make sure everything is working, so if you all wouldn’t mind taking a minute or two to check things out that would be great.  Oh, and if you see anything that you know how to fix that would be appreciated as well ;)

And yes, I have a few updates that will be coming out today as I’ve still been writing, just not posting.  There’s also a new podcast episode that’s ready to go and should be up soon as well.


LOTRO on TGN Stratics Re-launch


LOTRO on TGN Stratics

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet lately, and while part of that is due to real-world issues, I’ve also been helping with the re-launch of the LOTRO section on TGN Stratics.  This site will remain up, but for the most part it will continue to be my personal blog where will be where I’ll be putting all my LOTRO related content.

We’ve got a pretty good growing staff already and I’m excited to have not only a team to work with but quite a few resources to play with.  Like most sites we’re still working on it, but there’s the main section, the forums, and the wiki.  Go check it out and make sure to subscribe to your favorite option to keep track of what we’re up to.

And aside from the holidays I should be back to a good posting schedule here going forward.

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