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Guest Appearance on Beneath Your Feet Podcast


I’ve been a bit quiet and occupied lately, but I did have a chance not too long ago to chat with Shipwreck on the Beneath Your Feet Podcast.  He has a different spin on things as each episode focuses on another area of the game discussing the lore, backstory, and overall setting.  When he approached me about recording, I figured I’d hop on and talk about everyone’s favorite Middle-Earth resort location – Angmar!  While I know many don’t like the area, for me it still holds lots of fond memories and is definitely someplace you should at least visit – even if you decide to skip it while leveling and just go back at a higher level.

Take a listen as Shipwreck and I try our best to boost the Aughaire travel agency’s business :)


My Take on LOTRO’s Draigoch



I’m sure many of you by now have seen the image of the upcoming dragon in LOTRO with the Isengard expansion but I wanted to talk a bit about it.  For me it looks amazing and is certainly what I think of when I picture dragons and brings back good memories of battles with Thorog.  And based on what mechanics we’ve seen Turbine pulling out for the new instances, I’m very interested in what all Turbine has up their sleeves for what this nasty will bring out for us.  I’m a D&D fan and have all sorts of fantasy influences, so I’m all about dragons and love to see them in games.  Now granted, I wouldn’t want Turbine to break the lore (which would have issues with anyway), but if they can find ways to do it well I love it.

Now for some reason I can’t quite understand, it seems to me that many are jumping out of the woodwork to protest this dragon, but not Thorog or even when Draigoch was initially announced.  However, Berephon has been amazing on the thread and has posted many times on this exact subject.

On the issue of dragon’s not existing once Smaug died, Tolkien has written that “Dragons. They had not stopped; since they were active in far later times, close to our own.”  This quote came from a player, which Berephon posted directly below, clarifying that Smaug was the greatest but never mentioned being the last.

The other tease was on the facial expression of Draigoch and I’ll admit I’m not sure what Beraphon is hinting at, although it does bring back some memories of the old-school D&D cartoon dragons.  I also see some of Draco from Dragonheart but maybe that’s just me.  I’d be curious if anyone has any other ideas on what Draigoch reminds them of?

As for the size of this dragon, we really don’t have many comparisons as Thorog is MUCH bigger then any other drake we’ve seen in game but Beraphon explains that not only is he size proportionate but Beraphon also goes on to explain where the other LOTRO dragons fit in as well.

One question that hasn’t been addressed with is how does this fit in with the current LOTRO storyline.  We’ve already seen that they’re more then happy to go back in areas, so Draigoch doesn’t necessarily have to tie in with the Isengard story.  From the image, it does appear to be somewhere dark and rocky, which could potentially mean Angmar.  This would fit in line with many of the previous instances bringing us back to many of the previously explored areas.  I for one would love this to be in Angmar and who knows how much of this area hasn’t been truly explored where a big bad dragon could hide.  I think the only storyline that could potentially disappoint me would be if this were somehow related to Saruman.  I’m not sure why, but for me I would much rather this just be a neutral opponent as opposed to something Saruman’s cooking up as the lore sell seems a tad tougher.

All in all, I’m very excited about more dragons in LOTRO and something as large as this dragon.  There’s something about epic fights against huge bosses that are very exciting for me.  Ost Dunhoth has a nice mix of small and large bosses, but LOTRO hasn’t really had a huge boss since Thorog, which still is one of my favorite boss fights in game.  Imagining Draigoch mixed in with all the tricks we’ve seen in the new instances, with all the new stuff they’re working on, has me very excited for this fight.

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