End Game Gear

I’m putting up this information for folks and will keep it updated as things progress.  For comparisons, if you’d like to see what I’m currently wearing you can look at the MyLOTRO pages for my Warden, Captain, and Minstrel.

Most of the information below is from the following thread on the forums – Best in Slot Discussion and there’s also some other good stuff over on the Codemasters Forums. In addition there’s another good resource over on the LOTRO Gear site.

For armor, I’ll refer you to my previous Armor Set post.








  • Dreadhed
    #1 written by Dreadhed 5 years ago

    Hey great list. This will help me focus some of my efforts. I often inspect other players and wonder where they find some of their loot. Now I know.


    • DocHoliday
      #2 written by DocHoliday 5 years ago

      I still need to do some updating as there’s some new stuff with the F2P launch. Even though it was there in Beta I wasn’t sure if they were going to tweak things more.

  • Sol
    #3 written by Sol 4 years ago

    How accurate is this list nowadays?

    • DocHoliday
      #4 written by DocHoliday 4 years ago

      Thanks for the reminder, it doesn’t have any of the echoes or Lost Legends items. Check these 2 links for those, and I will update that listing as well.

      Lost Legends
      Echoes Loot

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