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Healthy Lifestyle Efforts

One of the other reasons I wanted to start back on my site was to try and get a little more social accountability as my wife and I are both working to get back into a more sustainable healthy lifestyle.  We’ve gone through a few changes over the past couple of years and our health has taken a bit of a hit.  Granted, we’re still relatively healthy people without any sort of illnesses, but the lack of exercise and reliance on takeout is going to come back and bite us at some point.  So I figured I’d use this platform to talk about what we’re doing and maybe get some advice and support from ya’ll as well as possibly spark something in someone else.

When it comes to exercise, it has always been something I’ve enjoyed and have been pretty successful in keeping it up.  However, it is also one of the things I can easily leave out if I’m not quite in the mood to do it.  I also have noticed that my joints (knees and ankles primarily) are much more fragile now that I’ve gotten older.  I’ve always been a runner (ran competitively in High School and College) so that’s been my go-to for exercise typically.  But I usually end up going too hard, too fast, and too soon such that I pick up some nagging injury that just derails things.  While that’s still a focus for me, I’m also trying really hard to rotate in some non-impact exercise too.  Bike riding is a natural complement and is also something I enjoy, so the trick now is finding some other places to ride such that I’m not just doing laps around my neighborhood.  We also have one of those Maxiclimber’s that while I’m not super sure it will live up to the commercials (not that I expect it too) it does a good job of kicking my butt!  So far I’ve been using Runkeeper as my logger of choice to keep track of things and it does a pretty good job.  Every once in a while it craps out on my (like yesterday) but it handles both running and cycling as well as outdoor walks and is a nice complement as I usually have my phone with me for music.  We’ve also switched Health Care providers this year and are incentivized to be more active, so I have a pedometer that I use as a way of getting me off my chair and walk around periodically.

Exercise is only one part of getting healthy, the other (and probably more important) is eating well.  For the most part, when we cook, we eat pretty healthy but our downfall has been laziness/procrastination which forces us to rely on take-out sometime more often than nights we actually cook during the week.  We’re attempting to go a full 2 months without takeout and have tried to put a more or less weekly game plan together to not only provide options but to keep things reasonably vibrant as opposed to having he same thing every week.  Our plan is to do a mixture of grilling (living in Houston pretty much allows for grill access all year), stir fry, and finally using our crock-pot to provide enough variety for the different protein and vegetable combinations.  The crock-pot has been nice as the “dump and cook” concept makes prep work quick and easy and usually leaves us with plenty of leftovers for at least another dinner plus lunch options.  We’re also trying out the Paleo diet for a little bit to try and eliminate some of the more damaging crutches we both have.  This has also forced us to try some new things like Quinoa and using squash as a pasta replacement.  We’ll most likely just roll those in as we both realize that we enjoy pasta and bread, so this really is just a short term thing to help us diversify our diet.

I’m not going to try and make this a daily workout review or meal dissection, but as I hit milestones or find new things I plan on sharing those.  Or as I realize certain tools (like our crock-pot) are useful I’ll share those as well.  And for those of you who use Runkeeper, I’d be more than happy to connect there as well, just reach out and let me know.