LOTRO Update 10 2nd Bullroarer Patch and Armor Screenshots


The second build hit Bullroarer today and it included quite a few additions that were not there previously.  You can find the full patch notes here, but there aren’t too many changes mainly the finishing off of the changes they had already announced:

  • Fate determines out of combat power regen, not Will
  • Quests can be completed/advanced in raids
  • All sorts of class tweaks – mainly power related
  • Various Mounted combat tweaks, again mainly power related
  • All sorts of creep changes – shockingly enough, power related
  • Freeps now get Battlefield Promotions while in the Moors based on rank which boosts Power, Morale, and Damage
    • only active while in the moors
  • Various tweaks to the new instance spaces
  • New Armor sets at the skirmish vendors
  • Warden sets flipping over to Agility (even existing Hytbold sets, which is nice)

As for the sets, we get not only one set per trait line but also two tiers of those sets.  The first tier is simply deed gated by completing Tier 1 of the various raids.  The second tier is obtained by trading in the first tier piece and two separate drops from the raids.  The Tier one pieces cost:

  • 2600 – 3500 marks
  • 673 – 807 medallions
  • 31 – 92 seals

I have no clue what the drop rates for any of these will be in the new spaces, but I’m sure folks will be finding out soon.  Also, since the gear is deed gated, we don’t yet know what the level requirement is for that deed – but I’m sure someone will find out for us.

As for the stats on the gear, Tier 1 is essentially the same as the Hytbold sets with slightly different stats and bonuses but overall just as powerful.  Tier 2 is a step up, but not a significant one, although it does include an additional set bonus.  Below are some snaps of the pieces as well as some comparisons to the existing Hytbold sets I’m wearing.  I’m not sure these are final as especially the Captain one is clearly not finished.  Personally I love the looks of the sets and will probably be working towards them for that reason, but there are some nifty set bonuses that are intriguing.

Guardian Erebor SetChampion Erebor SetCaptain Erebor SetRunekeeper Erebor SetMinstrel Erebor SetLoremaster Erebor SetBurglar Erebor SetHunter Erebor SetWarden Erebor Set


LOTRO Update 6 Bullroarer Patch Notes


Today Sapience posted the initial patch notes for Update 6 – Shores of the Great River up on Bullroarer.  This is our first look at the actual changes coming with this update and I know many are anxiously awaiting on things.  For me, I’m mainly looking at playing around with the Warden changes but I’d also recommend those on the creep side to take a look at the new Warg and Weaver goodies as well as all the new PvMP changes (audacity and commendations).

Overall some nice surprises here and some very cool stuff!

A few other tidbits:

  • Virtue maximum rank is now 14
  • Stat Tomes and Relic Removal Scrolls are in the loot table for final bosses in scaled instances
  • Store Exclusive Relics are now in the Melding panel!
  • All currency (Marks, Medallions, Seals, and Relic Currency) are Bind to Account
  • Worn Symbols of Celebrimbor are on the Skirmish Vendor
  • Lots of instance changes
  • Instance Finder changes
  • Landscape Soldiers!
  • Love for Lua!!

The server is up, and since those first few items are due to popular demand I would highly suggest checking things out when you can!


Compilation of Post Isengard Launch Information


There has been quite a bit of change lately with Isengard, and I wanted to put up a post that combined some of that for folks.

First up, for those of you out in Dunland you may have interacted with an NPC Andred out in the Gravenwood.  Personally, I had a horrible time trying to find the last two quests (the set is part of a deed) so I’m sharing the snapshot below to show you where I was standing when I was able to get these last two quests:

Andreg Quest Locations

Looking for those last 2 pesky quests?

There’s also an “annoying” quest where you’re given 3 tasks which you believe to all be in the same camp – however they’re not.  “Into the Dragon’s Maw” is the quest, and camp you’ll want to head to is Rhuvel-cadlus (80.1s, 13.4 W) not Uvel-cadlus where the other 2 quests are.

For those of you having issues with the Pit of Iron, check out this thread on the forums, warning as there are quite a few spoilers.

On to some interesting developer posts:

Graalx2’s post on B/P/E partials talks about the changes here in that partials will no long be additive, but multiplicative – which is a good thing.  There’s a nice equation on the post as well that makes it pretty clear this is a good thing – 100 damage 60% mitigation + 50% partial mitigation = 100*(1-.6)*(1-.5) = 20 damage.  So for you tanks out there – stacking partial mitigations is a good thing to think about.

Graalx2 also clears up Physical Mitigation by explaining that although Physical mitigation only applies to Common damage, the majority of monsters will have some portion of their attacks as common, even if it isn’t their primary.  It is for this exact reason that I’m working to balance out my Physical and Tactical mitigations, instead of just stacking one or the other.

Orion posted on various Minstrel items and I suggest all minstrels take a look at it as there are some intended items, some bugs, and some things that were not included in the patch notes.

With regards new skirmish goodness, JWBarry clears up some of the Raid Skirmish questions in that the reset is weekly at the same time as other raid locks, Thursday 3AM Eastern.  As for the actual loot in these skirmishes a couple of good resources:

And finally, this just in from the Monster play side of things, the Art of Warg site has posted comments from Kelsen regarding creep damage, essentially agreeing that they didn’t quite scale it well enough.  I have to admit, this one is another pretty surprising one for me as I would’ve though this would’ve been easily seen and noticed.

Some of you may have already seen these (or passed right over while leveling) but I thought they were helpful for me and figured I’d share.


Post Isengard Minstrel Changes


Rise of Isengard has introduced a TON of changes for the class, and Orion isn’t quite done yet.  Although I have to admit this is a great change.  Currently there are a number of changes that have been made to the Minstrel instruments to modify the benefits and make them more useful.

Friday, Orion posted on something he was able to get into the process for the upcoming Update 5 regarding the Minstrel instruments.  He’s been able to change the craftable Tier 7 instruments such that any instrument can have any of the available bonuses leveraging the multi-output recipe feature.  Only the Tier 7 recipes will be changed, the other recipes will function as they do currently.  Here are the buff choices:

  • Ballad and Coda – Damage & Ballad, Cry and Coda –  Power Cost Reduction (Critical Bonus: Threat Reduction)
  • Healing – Critical Bonus & Threat Reduction (Critical Bonus: Anthem – Power Cost Reduction)
  • Healing – Critical Bonus & Healing – Power Cost Reduction (Critical Bonus: Threat Reduction)
  • Healing – Bonus & Ballad and Coda – Damage (Critical Bonus: Threat Reduction)
  • Healing – Power Cost Reduction & Anthem – Power Cost Reduction (Critical Bonus: Threat Reduction)

I have a feeling I’ll still be carrying multiple instruments as I can see both the healing and damage bonuses being nice, but then having another for power cost savings during longer fights or when I get stuck.

I’m pretty excited about being able to pick whatever instrument I want and not being forced to use the Clarinet for healing and Bagpipes for damage.  These are the kinds of little changes that just make me all sorts of happy.  Again, these won’t take effect until Update 5 but some good initial ideas for what’s coming.


Rise of Isengard Video Preview of the Minstrel


I made a point to ask Turbine yesterday about videos and received permission to post videos based on our common understanding.  Based on that, I’ve put together a video with commentary of the changes for the Minstrel class.  We’ve seen some great written guides, but I know for some videos are more helpful.  If Bullroarer comes back up, I will probably do another run with the Yellow line to see how that works out but this video focuses mainly on War-speech.  I’ll also try to do some for the Warden changes and possibly the Captain.

I wanted to show this for a couple reasons:

  • show the new mechanics in action
  • show that DPS is still very good
  • we can survive on level skirmishes without top end gear
    • I’m wearing the level 75 PvMP gear
    • My skirmish soldier is level 75
    • everything else (jewelry, cloak, legendary items, skirmish traits, etc) are all as currently using on Live
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