LOTRO Update 11 Official Patch Notes


The patch notes are live for folks to check out as the servers should be up soon-ish.  I’m not going to post them in full, but a few highlights:

<Update> Don’t forget there’s a new batch of top tier guild craftables as I mentioned previously <Update>

  • I’ll be curious to see how the new Mounted Combat works, as well as what new mechanics are there in Wildermore like Aaron has mentioned.  I like the concept of mounted combat, but more attention needs to be paid to the content for it to be anything more then a gimmic.
  • We’re getting Hobbit Presents, so more incentive to log in a do stuff daily – or so Turbine hopes.
  • A little more incentive to pay your rent – foreclosures after 6 months, so if you’re looking for a house, there should be some new openings coming.
  • Turbine is really pushing Mithril Coins, and I expect them to almost completely replace Turbine Points for purchases.
  • Yet another Legendary Item reset – so don’t forget to spend your points!
  • I like the rested XP now applies to all gained and not just monster kills, but I’m not sure I quite understand all the potential impacts and/or limits there.
  • Sorry Captains, but “Defeat Event Cooldown” reducing bonuses will no longer stack
  • All sorts of class tweaks
  • Another new barter coin – Warband Barter Tokens which can be used for the legendary pocket item upgrades

What else jumped out for folks?

Also, if you haven’t already, you might want to check out the 2 recent dev diaries on Mounted Combat and the Epic Story as these actually do go a little deeper then some of the other diaries out there.


LOTRO Update 10 2nd Bullroarer Patch and Armor Screenshots


The second build hit Bullroarer today and it included quite a few additions that were not there previously.  You can find the full patch notes here, but there aren’t too many changes mainly the finishing off of the changes they had already announced:

  • Fate determines out of combat power regen, not Will
  • Quests can be completed/advanced in raids
  • All sorts of class tweaks – mainly power related
  • Various Mounted combat tweaks, again mainly power related
  • All sorts of creep changes – shockingly enough, power related
  • Freeps now get Battlefield Promotions while in the Moors based on rank which boosts Power, Morale, and Damage
    • only active while in the moors
  • Various tweaks to the new instance spaces
  • New Armor sets at the skirmish vendors
  • Warden sets flipping over to Agility (even existing Hytbold sets, which is nice)

As for the sets, we get not only one set per trait line but also two tiers of those sets.  The first tier is simply deed gated by completing Tier 1 of the various raids.  The second tier is obtained by trading in the first tier piece and two separate drops from the raids.  The Tier one pieces cost:

  • 2600 – 3500 marks
  • 673 – 807 medallions
  • 31 – 92 seals

I have no clue what the drop rates for any of these will be in the new spaces, but I’m sure folks will be finding out soon.  Also, since the gear is deed gated, we don’t yet know what the level requirement is for that deed – but I’m sure someone will find out for us.

As for the stats on the gear, Tier 1 is essentially the same as the Hytbold sets with slightly different stats and bonuses but overall just as powerful.  Tier 2 is a step up, but not a significant one, although it does include an additional set bonus.  Below are some snaps of the pieces as well as some comparisons to the existing Hytbold sets I’m wearing.  I’m not sure these are final as especially the Captain one is clearly not finished.  Personally I love the looks of the sets and will probably be working towards them for that reason, but there are some nifty set bonuses that are intriguing.

Guardian Erebor SetChampion Erebor SetCaptain Erebor SetRunekeeper Erebor SetMinstrel Erebor SetLoremaster Erebor SetBurglar Erebor SetHunter Erebor SetWarden Erebor Set


Update 7.1 hits Bullroarer


This took a little bit longer then I had expected, especially considering how quick Update 7 came and went from being announced to Live.  There isn’t a ton of excitement here with this one, primarily bug fixes.  One didn’t find its way to the patch notes, but Sapience has confirmed that the Captain Buff Bug will make it into 7.1 but it just didn’t make the notes.

As for the notes themselves, there’s quite a few but only a few jumped out at me:

  • Changes to the currency drop rate:
    • Instance challenges will provide more seals
    • Optional Instance quests will grant substantially more medallions
    • Reduced skirmish mark drops from challenge quests
  • The Gates in the Storm on Methedras Skirmish have been fixed
  • Starlit Crystals are now of Incomparable quality such that they follow “normal” loot rules.
  • Gotta love the last note, essentially the overweight hobbit graphical issue has been resolved.

Nothing super exciting, but always good to see them fixing stuff.  And of course the usual fun stuff in the notes as well Smile

Oh, and in case you missed it – the Spring Festival started today, I don’t believe there’s anything new with the events but of course the new horse and cosmetics I’m sure.


Rise of Isengard Patch 1


The servers are coming down tomorrow (Wednesday 10/19) from 6AM until 10AM for patch 1!

The full notes can be found here, but for me the highlights (and some lowlights) are:

  • Scholar nodes reduced in Dunland :(
  • Greater Scroll of Delving with be a quest reward, and hopefully barter-able?
  • Nice tweaks and fixes for the Captain class
    • Nobles Mark will provide more overall threat
    • Cutting Attack and Grave Wound can crit on their DoTs
    • Relentless Attack’s buff displays properly
    • IDOME legacy scroll now properly replaces a legacy with Words of Courage Pulses
  • Nothing of note for the Warden :( despite forum posts
  • Various other class tweaks
  • Creep damage is buffed 20-30%
  • Various creep class tweaks
  • Floors fixed in Pit of Iron
  • School of Tham Mirdain chests are back producing gear as intended
  • skirmish trade in cost reductions
  • Fixed the phasing issues near Galtrev (and hopefully some of the lag)
  • all sorts of quest fixes including the annoying deed issues
  • Lua client crash has been fixed!!!

Overall I think they addressed the major issues going on with Isengard right now.  I think there are still other balance issues to be worked out, but the crashing and annoying issues have been addressed!  I’m not sure what I’ll do when I get my lua scripts back :)


Rise of Isengard Information Collection


With all the news of late, it has been hard to keep track – so I wanted to put this post up as a sticky and will keep it updated as new things come out.

I’ve been using the Rise of Isengard tag on all my RoI related posts, so you can always check out that tag on the lower right side of the blog.  Or there’s a Pull-down menu for this under the LOTRO button on the top of the page.  The newest information bubbles to the top such that you can see the latest information first.

You can also use the class pull-down from the top menu if there’s a class of interest that I cover which will show each class with the newest post at the top.  I’ve been trying to keep up with my main classes, Captain, Warden, Minstrel, and Champion, and Psychobabble has been doing a great job keeping things updated on the Lore-Master.  I’ve also posted, but not commented on nearly as much, the Guardian and Burglar diaries.  You can also filter using the Developer Diaries tag on my site if that’s easier.

The posts I put up on the armor sets are quite popular, so you can check out the images or the stats if you want to hop directly there.

CSTM put up a nice summary of what’s included in the expansion if you’re trying to figure out the value.

Another CSTM post by Alphaman has a good description of what information was released at PAX.  Be warned, (there’s also a big warning on the post) there are spoilers of the epic story-line in that post if you want to save parts for live.

Luckily, the good folks over at the KhazadGuard already put together an awesome summary which has a TON of good links and information in it including many of the new items and crafting information.  Make sure to check out this link for all the goodies.

There’s an AMAZINGLY detailed breakout of all the changes with Isengard found over on the Rangers of Eriador Kinship forums.  Pretty impressive with LOTS of details for those interested.

There’s a REALLY good post up on the Warden Forums that has the collection of all the new toys and goodies the Warden gets coming with Isengard.  Thanks to Jacob for finding the specific links for traits and the skill tooltips.

Another good forum post on the Minstrel class shows everything that’s changed, including lots of pictures.

Althelious the Champion has also posted a video showing some of the new toys Champions get, primary on the tanking side of things.

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