Armor Set Comparison

I decided to put this as its own page such that I could just update one place as opposed to all over my blog.  This also has been updated with the latest from the Echoes of the Dead update.

So far, I have Wardens, Captains, Champions, and Minstrels.

The sets included are:

  • Moria 6-piece Radiance set
  • DN 6-piece Radiance set
  • BG 6-piece Radiance set
  • 2 3-piece Radiance Sets
  • Annuminas 6-piece Radiance set
  • Helegrod 6-piece Radiance set
  • Lorien Crafted Set
  • The 2 good Mirkwood Crafted Sets
  • Ost Dunhoth Tier 1 and Tier 2 sets (both versions)

For all these sets, I have comparisons of the entire sets (including set bonuses) and individual piece comparisons.

Google Docs

For images, I have them currently in a few difference posts:

In Their Absence (Ost Dunhoth) Sets

Heavy Annuminas Set (with Helm)

Champion Pictures

Minstrel Pictures and the new Minstrel F2P Sets

Captain Sets

Warden Sets

Helegrod and Annuminas Captain and Warden Sets

  • Tony
    #1 written by Tony 4 years ago

    The Excel version seems to be incorrect. It shows the new Annuminas heavy set without the helm. It appears correct in the Google docs version.

    • DocHoliday
      #2 written by DocHoliday 4 years ago

      That’s strange, I see it on the excel file on my end. I tried it 2 machines – is it possible you have an old version lying around somewhere?

  • matthias
    #3 written by matthias 4 years ago

    oh snap you’ve already updated it here. epic!

    • DocHoliday
      #4 written by DocHoliday 4 years ago

      Let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for, but I think its all there. At least for the sets that i put in the spreadsheet.

  • Halfallas
    #5 written by Halfallas 4 years ago

    Nicely done. To add, I have compiled all classes on individual spreadsheets of my own about 2 months ago. Now, I do not have crafted armor, as mine concentrates solely on the current radiance sets. Not gonna add the individual links, but the page on our kinsite that has all the links is here:

    Hope this helps some.

    • DocHoliday
      #6 written by DocHoliday 4 years ago

      That’s very nice! I’ll add links to those for the other classes.

  • Bob101910
    #7 written by Bob101910 4 years ago

    Will this be updated any time soon? (or are they already updated o.O)

    • DocHoliday
      #8 written by DocHoliday 4 years ago

      yes, I’ve just been distracted of late. But it will be updated soon. Main thing missing is the new Ost Dunhoth sets, which you can find preliminary data here.

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