About Me

I originally started this site as a gaming site to post thoughts and articles about the games that I’m playing.  However, while I’m still playing games, that’s not nearly as interesting of a topic for me to write about these days.  I will write about them from time to time on this site while things interest me, but I’m going to focus on some other interests of mine for the time being.

I’m going to keep this more focused on various aspects of my life and as such, gaming will only be a portion of it.  I’m mainly planning to start with the following topics, and see where that takes me:

  • Sports
    • Everton
    • Philadelphia Flyers
    • Houston Texans
    • Chicago Bears
  • Healthy Lifestyle
    • Exercise
    • Food
  • Books, TV, and Movies
    • Game of Thrones for example
  • Random other techy stuff

Feel free to drop comments here, other posts, hit me up on Twitter, or via email – docholiday@docholidaymmo.com.

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