MMOs I’m Currently Tracking

You’ll notice, I didn’t title this “currently playing” as that would be a very short post.  However, I am keeping tabs on a number of MMOs and when the time/motivation strikes me I will certainly be hopping back in.  I’m not going to talk about Football Manager (it isn’t an MMO anyway) as I do plan on a whole separate series for that since I actually do play that game.

The top of the list still is The Secret World as it still has a really appealing combination of factors surrounding it.  I also have a good friend who’s always willing to hop in and help out, which can be quite beneficial in many zones.  My main issue with TSW has been the lack of dedicated chunks of time where I can feel like I’ve accomplished something.  Although I will admit I’m not sure I really will ever play TSW as an MMO, for me it will at best be a co-op game.  But that’s perfectly fine for me as it is still a game I enjoy.

Also out there is LOTRO, which while not the draw it used to be for me is still something I’m paying attention to.  I’m intrigued to see what they do with these rumored (I refuse to call anything coming from Turbine an actual factual announcement) instances coming as the server consolidation could make “raiding” fun again with both old friends and new ones.  I ended up moving over to Landroval during the server consolidation with a bunch of others I know, so there’s all the others I know there and the potential for random RP events.  At some point I will probably go in and re-learn my Warden and would totally be all-in for an auto-level for my other toons (Captain and Minnie) IF the new instances actually come out and are decent.

The other game lurking out there for me is Camelot Unchained, which would be a return  to tri-realm PvP and mass chaos like I enjoyed back in the DAOC days.  I am a backer so I’ve been following it for quite a bit and have had some time in the game already.  Sure it is raw, but there’s some really cool stuff going on and their core tech seems really solid.  I’m trying not to get too excited about it since some things are just blowing me away with potential, but since we’re still a ways out from launch it will probably be pretty fluid.  I definitely see myself playing this game if it is remotely like what I’ve seen, read, and heard them pitch it as.

Those are the main 3 that I’m really excited about, but there are a couple others like SWTOR and Eve that from time to time become interesting to me.  SWTOR is at least free, so I might hop in there if the force awakens but I wouldn’t be opposed to a 3 month sub for Eve to check things out again as it clearly is a vibrant and viable long term game.

I’ll be posting some more in-depth posts on these (and other random MMO stuff too) as I continue to follow them and certainly if I decide to play any of them more than just logging on.

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