I’ve been a bit quiet posting lately, and that’s mainly due to a lack of actual gaming.  I’ve been playing some FM13, but during the off-season of real football, my interest has waned a bit.  I’ve also struggled getting into the other games I’ve been playing, namely LOTRO, TSW, and RIft.  But my recent excitement about Camelot Unchained got me thinking about what I’m looking for in a game, and that then prompted my jump.

Back to Camelot Unchained, the Kickstarter has been funded and there’s a ton of stuff going on so far.  There have been a number of updates, including new animations and art-work, but what really got me going was the opening of the Founder’s Forums.  I haven’t been too active over there, but two things really got me thinking.  First off, there are (naturally) a ton of former DAOC players there and it really got me reminiscing about that game and the fun I had there.  I remember spending hours on end in PvP that not only meant something but had somewhat painful ramifications for death, nothing permanent, just travel time.  Then of course all the talk about what was and wasn’t going to be in the game and how various systems would work got me thinking about what I actually wanted to do in a game.

So this started me looking at what I wasn’t enjoying about the games I’m currently playing, and I came up with two major things:

  • I want PvP that not only means something but has ramifications that bring on that adrenaline rush that I just can’t get in a battleground.
  • I’m kinda over questing and doing things like reputation grinds or dailies.

The combination of those two thoughts, drove me to a pretty clear and simple answer – I’ve re-subscribed to Eve Online.  Now, I’m not saying I won’t go back to the other games, but I have lifetimes in both LOTRO and TSW, and Rift is going F2P and thanks to Raptr I now have their latest expansion pack as well.  So I can jump back to any of them with little cost impacts, heck I’ll even have enough VIP points in LOTRO for the next expansion whenever it comes out.

I ended up subbing for 3 months to try it out, and after figuring out which of my characters was better off, I started the process of allocating earned points from retired skills since I had originally played back when they had the “learning” skills.  I poked around at some guides for noobs, and then stumbled upon the whole “certificates” section of the character panel which has really helped guide me through what skills to train next.

My initial gameplan has two areas of focus at least while skills are relatively quick to attain – PvP and mining.  I’m only going to work on mining such that I can get the requisite individual ore processing skills, then I’ll switch and solely focus on PvP as mining will just be a side diversion for me.  I was lucky enough to get a couple of free ships, I guess since I’ve had an account for over 6 years, and I sold one for a nice chunk of ISK (nice chunk for a newbie that is) and the other works perfectly as a cheap mining vessel.  I finished the military agent quest line, and now I’m working on upgrading my questing acquired Rifter initially as a solo/ratting build just so I can remember how combat works and get a handle on that aspect.

Once I get my arms around all that, its off to find a Corp and start working probably on a tackling build, but I have to admit I’m intrigued by both the Covert and EW aspects of the game.

So far, I’m having a blast romping around in space and am really impressed by how smooth and fun this game has been.  It was a bit daunting at first, but there’s lots of ways (without even talking to anyone) to get a handle on what’s going on.  We shall see where all this takes me, but for now I think my home will be out in space.