I have quite a few VERY fond memories of Dark Ages of Camelot, so naturally when I heard there was a reboot in the making I was quite intrigued.  Although I will admit it wasn’t until VERY recently that I started to get excited about it.  I have tossed in my money and support for the game, so this is a bit of a selfish post in that I want the game to be made, but I think there are some very cool things they’re trying to do.  Granted, we saw with The Secret World, that doing cool things doesn’t always work out so well, but I think it is important that developers keep pushing the envelope.

So far the two biggest things they’ve announced that have just blown my mind are the housing system and stealth system.  Granted, these are both just conceptual at this time as we’re talking about a game that’s 2 years out, but still they have some pretty darn cool ideas.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, a little background on the game itself.  While it is probably not exactly true, I think you can look at this as DAOC with zero PvE content – so purely a 3 realm PvP MMO.  This alone is an interesting concept as you have to deal with growth, leveling, content, as well as keeping it all balanced.

So with that as a backdrop, the concept of housing becomes very interesting.  This smacks of what the housing system in Age of Conan was supposed to be and what you could do in Star Wars Galaxies, in that you could create your own fortress.  But they’ve taken this even one step further and are looking at implementing custom built housing such that you can design whatever you want on that plot of land.  If nothing else, I hope other companies take a page from this idea and give players more ways to customize the physical structure of the house, and not just what’s in it.  Now take that concept, and put it in a purely PvP game- and there are some really cool and fun possibilities there.  On their update section, you can check out a video explaining and showing off this system in more detail.

The other topic they talked about was stealth, which is always a tough one especially in PvP.  Again, in DAOC I was out in RvR quite frequently and I did have a ranger that I camped out with many a time.  So many of the advantages and issues the stealth class has I am quite aware of, but I also RvR’d with a Mage and a Warden, so I was often on the other side of things.  Needless to say, their concept of the Veil (I’m thinking “ring-vision” with Frodo from Lord of the Rings) accomplishes a couple of things.  I provides a way for people to do things in a stealthy way, but presents them with a trade-off and some pain for doing it.  The Veil itself is a living environment, so just like the Nazgul, bad things can find you in the Veil.  And the Veil gets pissed off if there are people too close together – so that will discourage pack stealth hunting.  Then with this system, toss in the concept of a Veil Hunter who actually hunts those who are playing in the Veil, and it just sounds pretty cool.  They do a much better job explaining this all and have a pretty in-depth video posted if you want to check it out.

These are just a couple of the concepts that have intrigued me but ones that are unique and outside of what I’ve seen from other games.  If you’re interested or just want to learn more about the game (and possibly chip in for the effort) head over to their Kickstarter page.  There’s only a few days left and they’re still a bit short of their goal so every pre-order helps!