It was delayed a couple of times, but I have to admit I’m pretty please overall with the folks chosen for the council.  I certainly don’t know everyone (I do know and respect  both Silverlode representatives) but in all the places I’ve read (including the unofficial forums) there are very few criticisms of the folks chosen.  Granted, it could be that people can’t make the connection between the character names and the forum names, but I still think the lack of push-back from the community is a good first step.

For those wanting to get more involved with the council, there are a couple of ways.  My only suggestion would be to be understanding of the fact that the council members are bound by an NDA and as such may not be able to tell you anything, however some have already come out in various ways and made themselves available.  They probably are also getting a few other requests coming into them, so it would probably be best to be patient and not take their lack of a response personally.

  • If you’re on the same server, you could always hit them up with a polite tell or in-game mail
  • there are some forum threads, one on raiders specifically, that you can either chime in on or DM individuals
  • some of them are on twitter and have been using the #lotrocouncil hashtag
  • I also expect there will be more official ways to get involved as they get spun up

Finally, this is a new thing Turbine is trying out and for me they’ve at least carried out the initial aspect very well.  Now comes the tough part, what the council is allowed to do, is able to do as a community, and what, plus how frequently, they’re allowed to tell the rest of us what’s going on.

As for me personally, yes I did apply but looking back at it I’m happy I wasn’t chosen as I do have a means to interact with the team and the community.  I have been part of betas and have impacted the development process, and will continue to attempt to do so.  This is an avenue for another batch of folks to get involved and see what they can do.  Of course, I probably will apply next time but I think we’ll all have a much better idea of what’s going on by that time.

I am skeptically optimistic about this whole thing, but today’s announcement does make me feel better about the potential of the Council.