I haven’t seen this posted too many other places, so I thought I’d share this out for folks.  Pretty cool interview by the folks over at MMORPG.com with Joel covering all 3 live games Funcom is maintaining.  My gaming time has changed recently and I don’t hop into TSW nearly as much as I’d like, but it is by far one of my favorites and a game I really want to do well.  I know Issue 6 has been a little rough, but it was all sorts of fun and I’m happy to see news about what’s coming down the pipe for TSW.  Check out the full interview below, and below for my thoughts.

Joel had me with just two words – flamethrower and snowmobile Winking smile  I love what TSW is doing with their auxiliary weapons as each really fits well and has its own story and usage.  I still have work to do to actually use any of them, but that’s not the point as I appreciate having something to work towards.  One of the things many have complained about with TSW is the lack of a mount or quick-travel system so I’ll be curious to see how the snowmobile works, will it be like the train in Issue 6, or something that more closely resembles an open mount we’ve seen in other games?  Joel has since confirmed, that it will be mission specific and not an open mount – but it would appear that we’re getting closer to a mount system.  Not too many more specifics with the Issue, but with everything that company has gone through lately I hope something finally starts turning their way.