It has been a busy day, but many of the expected announcements either haven’t come or have not come in the way expected.

First up, the Player’s Council announcement initially scheduled for the 19th (tomorrow) has been delayed to give more time to the review process.  This doesn’t really phase me too much, but certainly with the rest of today’s items I could have fun speculating (and have on twitter).

The first big item of the day was the announcement of the Hobbit Presents, which I’m not even going to talk about since the FAQ raises more questions then it answers and even basic things are ambiguous at best.  Why can’t Turbine put out actual information that makes sense instead of a rushed out announcement followed by a stream of Dev posts on the forums either contradicting the FAQ or just confusing things?  As an example, it still isn’t clear if non-VIPs can obtain items from the Gold boxes, to me that’s a pretty cut and dry question that they’ve tried to answer in 3 separate places with each one providing a slightly different answer.  Personally I don’t really care either way about this system, but for me there are better uses of development resources.

And finally, probably the biggest piece of news that only came via a comment in the Present thread is that Update 11 should hit Bullroarer tomorrow!  Who knows how long it will stay there, but at least there will be some patch note goodness to keep up busy and distracted from the other fiascos.