Like many of TSW’s updates, this one came and went pretty quickly without too much fanfare.  However, this not only brought some fun social items but quite a few other changes and tweaks.  I’m not sure I’ve figured out TSW’s numbering schemes but this to me seems pretty big for a tertiary update.  Full patch notes can be found here, but here are some snippits:

  • Valentine’s Day items
    • I like that not only can you send traditional Valentines, but also warnings
  • Quite a few changes to the Albion theatre
    • I need to find more time to spend there, really curious to see what others are doing
    • Anyone have any good YouTube channels for this?
  • Ranged weapon resources should build more reliably
  • Tweaks and changes to pretty much every weapon type
  • Crafting changes to make dis-assembly more uniform

I’m sure there are other things in there that folks might find important, but those were the big ones for me.

Here’s hoping we get news on Issue 6 here soon!