I didn’t even realize a patch was incoming until I saw the notice that the servers were coming down.  Nothing too exciting here, mainly bug fixes and tweaks to the instance loot.  Check out the full notes here and here were the top things I picked out:

  • Fixed the armor values for the level 85 Dol Guldur sets
  • Fixed the invisible travel mounts and Hytbold NPCs
  • Festival quests will be removed from your log once the festival ends
  • Mainly an increase overall in the drops of the uber equipment in the new instance spaces and scaling instances
  • To reduce the effectiveness of BG farming, Tiers 1&2 for the Twins and Durchest no longer contain symbols in their loot table.  However, the challenge mode chests remain unchanged for all bosses.
  • Mirkwood vendors have all now switched over to skirmish rewards instead of the Mirkwood barter items.

Lots of little things here and I’m not surprised at all they nerfed the BG loot tables, I’ll be curious what this does to raiding groups to see if they continue on their current frequency or drop off as the rewards are no longer there.