Lately my main MMO of choice has been The Secret World and I wanted to highlight 2 quest chains that I think really show off the reason why I’m so addicted to TSW.  I will try to keep this post spoiler free as much as possible as although I’m still quite early on in the game I’m sure there are some who haven’t done those specific missions.

The first mission arc I wanted to talk about is the Tyler Freeborn sequence, which is new with the Issue 5 update and actually the focus of that issue.  You’re essentially following the journey of a blogger during the start of the events leading up to all the craziness going on.  You get pulled into all the other factions in the game trying to prevent Tyler from publicizing what’s going on while also trying to uncover what he figured out.  This quest has all the best Funcom has to offer with great storylines that hook into everything else in the game as well as enthralling voice acting that just seems to be getting better!  The climax of the quest is the last portion which is a dream sequence of sorts and once again not only had me on the edge of my seat but actually had me jumping in my chair a couple of times.  This sequence brought me back to various horror movies and got me wondering what else might happen or what will jump out at me.  While there are lots of horror elements in this game, I think missions like this really highlight the suspense part of the genre that they’ve done VERY well.  This mission is the first content of the new business model, and might be a little tough for people questing in the zone for the first time, but I would certainly recommend buying this DLC as it is probably the best quest arc I’ve done so far.  One thing I’ll point out that threw me a bit off-guard was that it showed that I didn’t have access to the quest (I’m a Lifer) but clicking on the quest brought me right to the store where it was shown to be available at zero cost (just like it was promised).  Not a huge deal, but a little added step that I wasn’t expecting.

The other mission I really enjoyed was out in the Scorched Desert (where I’m currently questing) called The Last Legion.  There’s a ton of back-story on this one and a really cool “Oh &*%#” moment that I went through but I won’t spoil it for folks.  I progressed my way through to the end stage of this mission and get my butt absolutely handed to me.  I ended up trying the last fight a couple times just to see if there’s something I’m doing wrong or if a different rotation would suit me better.  At this point, I’m traited mainly AoE with swords relying on Impairing mobs with a couple Elementalism damage skills tossed in there.  I then decided that I should look at what skills I have available and look at a different tactic.  I basically switched over to a “turtle” build pushing my defensive skills in the sword line and self healing via Blood Magic, which after a couple attempts I was able to tweak it enough to breeze through the mission.  I love this kind of mission for a few reasons:

  • there is no “I Win” build, there are lots of successful ways to play the game
  • there are challenging missions in TSW that require you to actually think things through
  • you have full ability to flip your build completely on the fly whenever you want to
  • your build can become so much more powerful when you like abilities together to leverage and stack bonuses

For me, this combination of amazing storytelling and depth coupled with the gameplay mechanics continues to keep me addicted to this game and I am really enjoying my journey through this world.