As you wait for the servers to come up from today’s game updates, you can check out the Patch Notes as well as the Known Issues post.

I’m not going to repost the patch notes, and much of it we have already seen through all the postings over on Bullroarer.  But certainly some good stuff coming with Update 9:

  • 3 new 3-man instances
  • Scaling Mirkwood instances and raid all the way to 85
  • Finishing of the Moria Revamp
  • Yule Festival
  • And last but not least, some pretty big Combat changes.

Some other nice things:

  • no more dismounting to hop on use the travel system!
  • Fixed durability of the Heavy Hytbold sets
  • Hytbold sets can now be placed into shared storage
  • Open tapping and remote looting throughout Middle-Earth
  • New instance chest mechanic

In the known issues, a bunch of small things, but a couple did jump out:

  • Because of the Bree revamp, you may be stuck inside a building with no doors – map out.
  • Pets can’t walk out of the main Bree gate
  • Level 85 Dol Guldur sets have the wrong armor values
  • Remote chest looting doesn’t work in Skirmishes
    • I have no clue what happens then Sad smile

No mention of the Hytbold dailies, but they were supposed to be fixed with this update – we shall see once the servers pop up.