We got a couple new diaries today, although in all honesty there wasn’t really anything new in these nor was there that much depth.  I read these as just PR pieces to advertise the new Update as opposed to giving players an insight into what’s going on.  Said another way, I didn’t gain anything more out of these diaries then I did from reading the patch notes.

The first diary covers the new Instance cluster and is labeled as just Part one of the instance diaries.  Essentially this diary lays out the stories behind the 3 Hobbit themed 3-man instance spaces.  I do like the ideas behind them and look forward to running them, but this diary really didn’t change anything on that aspect.

We also do get a bit more information on the new loot mechanic, but this seems to be just a re-hashing of what we’re already seen.  Essentially every character in an instance will have their own loot table and their own chance to get loot, including the option to get some of the new Legendary equipment.  I do like the idea, and appreciate Turbine’s efforts to not only make improvements on the system but also a continued focus on making sure there are attainable goals for people to accomplish by running these spaces.

The other diary we saw today was regarding the upcoming Combat Revisions.  There are some pretty significant changes coming for the combat system.  I’m not 100% sure what’s driving these system changes, but they’re not trivial changes at all and they’ll make significant changes to how folks play the game.

  • Interrupt Changes
    • In PvMP if an induction skill is interrupted the induction will be cancelled and put on a 4 second cooldown.
    • In PvE any interrupt skill with less then a 10 second cooldown, that cooldown will be increased
      • Lots of tweaks here for pretty much every class
      • Wardens get hit hard as all our inductions are removed from gambits
        • Now we have a non-gambit skill Shield Slam which is an interrupt on a 15 second cooldown
  • Critical Defense Changes
    • The system changes from reducing the chance of a critical hit to reducing the magnitude of said hit.
  • Miss Chance Revision
    • we can’t miss anymore Smile
    • However, attacks can still be deflected
    • Many traits have been tweaked to do other stuff based on this

I haven’t had much of a chance to really check out all these changes but I’m not 100% sold on them.  The whole Interrupt thing sounds like a HUGE change for both PvMP and PvE and will really impact how champs and wardens are used in instances.  This will also change lots of fight strategies as you can no longer assume you’ll be able to interrupt when you need to.  I also hate the change for Wardens as it just seems like they don’t know how to handle gambits and need to put in other class mechanics to fit their game designs.

As for the critical defense, I think this will be a good thing for Wardens, but probably bad for Guardians and Champions.  Wardens should now be able to better stand up against bigger hitting boss fights and not get ripped to shreds by big critting bosses.  However, this has also been a big advantage for Guardians and Champs just don’t have the same options for boosting critical defense.

As for misses, I really just see this is a renaming and not really anything of much consequence.

I’m guessing tomorrow we’ll have the other part of the Instance Diary, as Update 9 is scheduled to hit the servers on Monday.