The initial patch for this update hits the servers tomorrow, but the specifics of it won’t be turned on for another week, I’m assuming to coincide with the ARG event raging on.  We will get patch notes tomorrow too, so I’ll be curious to see what is split out and what isn’t.  And a quick ARG teaser, I’d keep your eyes peeled tomorrow as I expect stuff to get VERY interesting!

And before you head over to the article, if you haven’t seen Joel’s video that kicked off all this and allows you to better understand all the hints he drops, I’ve included it below:

In an interview over at Joel gives us quite a few tidbits on what’s coming with this update, in addition to the as yet to be discovered End of the World Event.

  • All sorts of new missions are on the way
    • A new Story Arc that starts in Solomon Island
    • Each region also gets a new mission
  • We’re also getting a new auxiliary weapon called the Quantum Brace.
    • Essentially your abilities will change based on what you’ve done previously
    • This sounds kinda like a combo system but I’ll be curious to see how deep this really is
      • For instance, is it just a binary system or can you create all sorts of combinations?

I like the new missions as I do enjoy checking out areas I haven’t seen in a while and this new weapon sounds VERY intriguing, but I’m still pretty early on in the game and as such probably won’t get it for a while.  I’m also loving how they’re rolling things out for this batch of updates as it is more then just the standard interviews and such!