In advance of the new Update coming for LOTRO, Turbine has released a number of screenshots showing off the new instance spaces.  As much as I may be disappointed about what’s not in the Update, there are a number of good aspects of it and I do like 3-man instances.  And these spaces do look pretty darn cool!  The other thing I like about these shots is they do show off some different looking mobs and not just a re-hashing of what we’ve seen before.  There also appears to be a potential teaser for some of the new allies we may have in these instances, what kind of bird is that in the last image?

Here they are, and as usual they are quite large.

Iorgar’s Peak

Stone Giant Boss?Other Giant Boss?

Seat of the Great Goblin

Inside the Throne Room?Boss inside some Goo?

Webs of the Scuttedells

Looks like we might get some help?One big ugly spiderLooks like a set of ruins we're fighting aroundFlying help in this instance perhaps?