Turbine announced today that they are making SOME changes to how things will work for this year’s Yule festival.  Still sounds a little grindy for a festival for me, but we shall see what else they tweak.

  • Deed Quest amounts are dropping from 100 to 60 for Tier 2, and from 200 to 120 for Tier 3
    • They did clarify that quests for Tier 2 do count for Tier 3
  • Golden Festival Tickets don’t expire
    • so you’ll be able to do save them for next year

Perhaps I’ll just run the festival every other year?  Although I’m still not real sure what’s in each Tier or what I would really want for this festival.  It just sounds like more work then I really care to put in for fluff.

Does this make things better, or did they not reduce things far enough?