Turbine hasn’t had a good run of things lately and today they announced the following instances are closed until further notice:

  • The Siege of Eaworth
  • Defence of Faldham
  • Defence of Walstow
  • Defence of Harwick

These are the public instances involved in the Hytbold daily quests.  They haven’t said anything regarding why they’re closing them but I have 2 ideas:

  • There was some weirdness with getting stuck in an instanced zone and not being able to get out without “Leaving the Instance.”  Porting or mapping would keep you still in the instance.  Not a big deal, but perhaps an indication of a bigger problem
  • More likely though, they’re being closed due to complaints of farming.  I’m not really sure this is that big of a deal as there are always places you can find high mob densities, but it did seem quite profitable.
  • I’m discounting the bug aspect as it seems too long since an update could’ve broken something.

Hopefully for those of you needing these instances for your Hytbold deeds, these will be fixed soon.  Luckily for me, I’m only short 3 quests and none of them from the instances.

This isn’t quite the best way to instill confidence with instances when you’ve already had to delay the upcoming Instance Cluster twice.