The End of Days is coming as this is the next Alternate Reality Game (ARG) launching for The Secret World.  We saw many of these kinds of things prior to launch (when there was nothing else to play) and I was curious to see how often they would do events like this.  It makes perfect sense as there’s the whole Mayan calendar thing and we had heard rumblings about the new content coming this month wouldn’t be holiday themed.  For now, all that’s up is a sign-up with a very creepy voice-over in what I believe is Spanish.  The forum thread does have the English translation for those like me with rusty Spanish.  That same thread also confirms you won’t get any email confirmation, until it is time to act.  They also did announce the perks for those who also play the game (you don’t have to play to be a part of the ARG):

  • in-game Monk outfit
  • faster progress in-game
  • Special items tied in with Issue 6
    • Outfit
    • “Powerful” Items
  • Online event with the Development team

I’m never very good at these kinds of things, but I still love following them!  I have no clue what all they’re planning, but it does seem like a pretty lengthy event, or at least ties to quite a bit of content since the in-game rewards aren’t coming for 2 updates.  If you want to keep in touch, I’d suggest subscribing to he forum thread as it is already 10 pages long!