I ended up hitting 84 yesterday and was anxiously awaiting my time rebuilding the town of Hytbold but also trying to do it in a more optimal way, for me.  There’s an amazing thread up on the forums that breaks out for just about everything you need to know about Hytbold and how the rebuilding process works.  The only issue I had was when I was trying to piece together my path for my Warden, which did take a little bit of work.  Granted, all the information is there on the thread, just not the exact form that I wanted.  I figured I’d share my thought process for this in hopes that it might help some of the rest of you out.  Granted, I am later in this part then many others, but maybe it will help for your 3rd or 4th alt ;)

I first started looking at the armour sets as that’s my primary goal.  I’m not as worried about finishing the rebuilding as that will come at some point.  For each class there are 3 sets, one for each of the trait lines and not only do they each have their own requirements before you can even barter for them, each class is different.  The name of the armor set on the guide is a link to a page with all the stats for all the pieces of that set.  I initially looked through the different 5 piece set bonuses for the sets to see if there was anything that looked interesting, and nothing jumped out at me.  The 3 piece bonuses are rather nice as both the shield and fist add extra pulses and since I use those lines quite a bit.  Then when you start to compare the actual sets (for Wardens at least) two of the lines are VERY similar as the Fist and Spear sets are almost identical with the exception of the set bonuses.  The pure amount of Vitality and Morale difference between the Shield set and the others (almost 1000 Vitality which results in 5000 Morale) makes me lean more towards as much shield as I can get :)

With all this in hand, I decided that ideally I’d go after 4 shield and 2 fist for my tanking, but also have 3 shield and 3 fist for soloing.  Then it comes down to looking at which pieces to get for which set, and I took the easy route and tried to shy away from pieces that require Kindred reputation.  While this build doesn’t require Kindred reputation, I’m sure it will still be a bit of a grind and I’ll need to hit kindred at some point anyway.  Coupling this with the excellent work of the guide, I have it all laid out which reputations I need to work on and which buildings to focus on.  Here are the results of these builds:

  • Reputation:
    • Ally on all four, mainly due to the Shield Gloves which need all 4 to rebuild the Armory.
  • Buildings:
    • Wold Tents – Enhancements 1&2+Inhabitants
    • Suftcrofts Tents – Enhancements 1&2 + Inhabitants
    • Library – Rebuild + Superior
    • Rebuild Armory + 1-4 & Enhancements
    • Mead Hall Outdoor 3 & Interior 3&4
    • Farmhouse Enhancements
    • Farmhouse Oven

I’ll also need to go through and do a bunch of work on the Mead Hall to get to that point I need, but that shouldn’t be too bad.  Speaking of the Mead Hall, I did the initial upgrades and I have to say this is another case where the phasing they’ve done is pretty darn cool!

Mead Hall BeforeMead Hall After

Once I laid all that out, I started working on the daily quests.  There’s a quest giver in Hytbold that gives you the Aiding the Eastment container quest which allows you to do ANY 5 quests in ANY of the 4 main cities of each zone.  There are only 4 quests in each city per day, so you will be hitting at least 2 cities no matter what you do.  This certainly is a matter of opinion as there are Mounted Combat instances, Landscape Quests, and Public Instances to choose from.  The guide has a good breakdown of all the quests and which are bugged and either not working or providing less reputation then it should.  For me, I used the  guide for the Dress-up quest out of Harwick to help figure out which items were where.  The Race quest out of the Norcrofts gave me a little trouble as it took me a bit to get used to where/when the gates popped up.  Once you get the hang of it, it shouldn’t be too bad, and there’s no cooldown if you fail, so that’s pretty handy.  Also, be warned, The Beacon of Earworth could be one of the more frustrating quests at first as it is a LONG jumping puzzle, but getting to the top is quite rewarding.  Sadly the weather wasn’t cooperating and I didn’t get too good of a view.

A couple other upgrades to look at that aren’t necessarily tied to the armor sets would be:

  • Stable Master
  • Crafting Instances

You also might want to look at the crafting options as well if that’s something you want to do there, but for me once I had the Stable, I knew I could ride somewhere else easily enough.

And finally, if you’re short somewhere on reputation don’t forget about the reputation boosters from the skirmish vendors!  Once you finish all the quests in each zone, you should be roughly 75% through Friend status in reputation and as such about 2 days or so away from Ally.

How’s everyone else finding Hytbold, anyone finished it yet?? :)