Joel Bylos shares a nice almost 7 minute long video with a tour of all the new goodies coming with Issue 4 – Big Trouble in the Big Apple.  The only thing missing from the video is an expected launch date, but they’ve mentioned they’re putting the finishing touches on the QA process.  And based on prior releases, we know they take that part pretty seriously.

Joel does a good job of commentating as we’re shown the new aspects of this update including:

  • Of course, the new raid which takes place in Times Square
    • One thing I’m curious about is that it doesn’t look too melee friendly?
  • The Chainsaw
    • I like the concept of a damage return shield
  • PvP Changes
  • The Albion Theatre
  • New Missions
  • And of course reticule combat

Always good to hear from the team, but it is really helpful with these kinds of videos that actually show what they’re talking about.

This certainly does have the look of a pretty sizeable and impressive update, I can’t wait for it to hit live!