I had loads of fun spending time in LOTRO’s Yule Festival Theatre instance for all the little nuggets here and there, but it still was a scripted set of events that players really didn’t have much impact in.  Funcom has taken this idea and catapulted it to a whole other level with the upcoming release of the Albion Theatre coming in Update 1.4.  Tayna Short, Senior Designer, walks us through the details and I have to say this sounds like an absolutely magical place for anyone interested in either role-playing or watching others role-play.


The general idea is that anyone or group can reserve the theatre for an hour to put on whatever kind of show they’d like.  You have a certain set of initial controls to do things like lighting, curtains, and other typical theatrical events.  You then can do other quests and obtain drops to get other goodies like backdrops, special effects, etc.  I also wouldn’t be surprised at all if we see items for the Theatre show up in their store, but it seems like with launch there will be loads available via in-game methods.


The example she gives walks through a Bill & Ted like time-travelling adventure which not only sounds fun but shows some pretty unbelievable potential for what people could do.  TSW has a pretty impressive Roleplaying community and I think things like this will really help boost it.  Not to mention, I guarantee you’ll see various performances on YouTube and I think this could bring in another aspect of people to this game.  If you remember back to the Star Wars Galaxies days, there was a whole set of that player base that only played for Dancing and the Roleplaying aspects.