I’ve been off and on with Rohan since launch and still am quite enjoying this expansion.  I’m not sure where I’d rank it up with the other expansions, but it is certainly up at the top.  My main reason for indecision is that Mirkwood also introduced Skirmishes and Scaling Instances which has quite dramatically changed LOTRO.  Rohan has brought us Mounted Combat, and while quite enjoyable, we don’t know how it will evolve and how it will be used going forward.  If we see things like Mounted Instances, then Rohan will quickly vault to the top of the best expansions.

As for my journey, I’ve been more or less following the Epic Story and only really diverted to go get my War-Steed.  I’m really enjoying the story so far and I think this is some of their best work overall in the game.  I’m only probably about half-way through it (Book 8 Chapter 13) but there’s just some very cool stuff in there.  I just hit level 82 up in the Eaworth area and might be a little over-leveled as things are now blue for me, but we shall see.  I really enjoyed Book 7 as we saw and interacted with the Fellowship, and I’ve actually liked the interactions with your travelling companions.  I will refrain from specifics such that I don’t spoil it for people, but if you’re avoiding the story for some reason, I would suggest you change your path.

For my overall plan, I’m basically now following the Epic Line and then picking up every quest in the area while I’m working my way through.  This Epic Line is similar to that of Isengard in that it pretty much walks you from town to town in a methodical fashion.  Certainly you could skip quests, but since reputation is such a big part of the new armor sets and Hythbold, I figured I’d try to get as much as possible.  I’ve also been doing tasks as much as possible, although I am a bit bummed that those no longer grant reputation.  However, with regard to tasks – I would suggest you wait for them until you have your WarSteed as it is quite a good way to get mount XP.  One thing I have yet to do is swap out any gear or weapons as I just haven’t seen much better or really needed to.  There is some decent stuff as quest rewards, but nothing has jumped out as something I need to have, other then for cosmetic purposes.

As for my WarSteed, I’m quite enjoying him.  I’ve included a couple snaps to share not only my appearance but also how I’m traited.  I pretty much concur with folks who have said going down the Yellow line helps with maneuverability as I noticed a significant difference with pretty much each point spent there.  I have not been going out of my way to find WarBands, but pretty much kill every one I run into.  There’s a repeatable quest at the Farm there in Norcrofts that allows you to double up on experience for killing a WarBand if you’re questing in that area.  I’ve gone down the Heavy steed path primarily as I think it fits my style, but I’ll admit I haven’t given the Medium steed a fair shot.  I will probably try swapping them up here soon as now it is nice since I have enough points to spec it out pretty well.  I also can’t speak highly enough for using a combination of the keyboard controls and your mouse to maunder your horse.  I makes such a big difference to not only help with steering but keeping an eye on where adds are.

My War-Steed in TownMy WarSteed Traits

I’ve also been doing some Legendary Item cleanup in preparation for out-fitting my Legendary Bridle to its maximum.  The main way to get relics for your Bridle is through the LI Melding panel and the shard prices are not cheap.  So I’ve been going through my alts that I’m now longer playing and cleaning out their LIs and breaking down any extra non-slotted runes and relics.  It can be a bit of a hit to your wallet, but prices have dropped so it isn’t as bad as it used to be.  In chatting with my frequent source about it, we came up and are working through some guidelines for this:

  • The break even point for breaking down relics into Shards seems to be Tier 4
  • The Scrolls of Combining are best used after Tiers 1 and 2 as the benefits for critting are much greater.
  • Breaking down crafted relics is another great way of getting shards.  The items needed to craft these are not bound, so you can run the quests on multiple characters if you so choose.  The quests are:
    • Down in the Flaming Deeps
    • Spider quest in Mirkwood
    • Instance out of Stangard
    • Or from the Skirmish Vendor
  • We’re still doing some checking on what level Legendary Item is the ideal, but the old adage still applies that you want to deconstruct on the 11s (so 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61) and I’m currently going to 21 since 150K IXP isn’t too bad to get.
  • Running older scaled instances (like the In Your Absence 3-mans) or Mirkwood 3-mans are quite solo-able if you’re high level and also drop relics and IXP runes.
  • Always have the max number of LIs slotted, they do drop like candy so you shouldn’t have a problem
  • A quick search of the AH might help in a pinch too as the level doesn’t really matter
  • Always wear your Horseshoe – you might as well, right?

I think my only “issue” I’ve had with Rohan so far has been the level of difficulty, as things seem quite easy.  Granted, I’m am on my Warden, so that might not be a fair assessment – please let me know if you feel differently!  I’ve been able to take down WarBands with over 100K morale solo and some groups of 4 and 5 all with over 40K morale without too much difficulty.  I’ve also pretty much gone through and steam-rolled the various camps and “instances” so far.  I realize you can’t baseline the difficulty on the Warden class – but I’m not sure it would make this much of a difference.  I have heard there’s a difficulty curve adjustment coming soon, so hopefully this is just easing players into the Mounted Combat system.

Overall though, I’m quite happy with the expansion and am having lots of fun.  I’m looking forward to hitting 85, although not in a huge hurry as I know there’s a hefty grind waiting for me.