TSW Issue 4 1200px

In a developer diary from Graeme Lennon over on mmorpg.com there are some pretty cool details and screenshots of what’s coming down the pipe for The Secret World.  It is a good combination of details and behind the scenes of how the raid itself was created.

I like how they’ve set the scene for this content with the players having to essentially get past the blockades to go investigate what’s going on.  Funcom has done a really good job of not just dropping content places, but filling in all the surroundings of the story, and this sounds like a perfect example of that.

One of the big areas that is always of concern when MMOs add raids is how much work has to be done before you can even see that cool content.  I’m incredibly excited that it will be on the same difficulty tier as the tier 1 instances (Polaris,  Hell Raised, and Darkness War) such that the vast majority of the population will be able to experience this.  I love that they’ve done it this way for 2 reasons:

  • it allows the to continue the main story are in another way, without worrying about people missing out.
  • It opens up the numbers such that more people will be able to see it and fill out groups.

I’m not so much a fan of raid locks or cooldowns, but at least it is pretty short (32 hours) and only gets applied when you complete it.  So you don’t need to worry about sitting out because of a poor initial attempt.

The other aspect which honestly I find hard to even fathom is building encounters and fights having absolutely no clue how the 10 players will be spec’d.  That’s both a good things and a bad one as I could envision a case where there are some useless builds in a space.  However it sounds like this was a huge area of focus for them to try and balance it for a group of healers, DPS, or tanks.  I liked that he’s been talking to devs from the other Funcom games on stuff like this as while those games had issues, there’s always something you might learn through that discussion process.

Finally, because this is all hooked into that main story line, we will get a tease for the next new zone Tokyo!

I’m really excited for 1.4 and even more so now that I know I can actually experience the New York raid!!  I would expect a news update here shortly and it wouldn’t surprise me if we see 1.4 (and all its goodies) drop next week.