I bring this topic up after a discussion in Google Chat pointing out that there are entire new quality tiers of craft-able items BETTER then the top guild obtained recipes.  I’m saying these are hidden as there isn’t any information on these anywhere from Turbine through either the developer diaries or the lorebook.  I’ll come back to this, but first the details on what we know so far.

As I’m sure many have noticed, single recipes no longer drop, but you obtain them from scroll cases representing the different disciplines. The “normal” tier 8 recipes are obtained from the “Eastment Cases” but there’s also an “Ancient Riddlemark Scroll Case” that contains single shot recipes.  These single shot recipes create Orange or Epic items that are significantly better then the top tier of the guild recipes.  However, they are single shot usage recipes and the Epic item is only created upon a Critical Success.  Not only does this put crafters back on the useful map but also makes Scholars relevant again as they’re needed for the critical success booster scroll.  So break out the rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, and any other good luck charms and critical success conspiracy theories as they’ll all be needed.  All around pretty cool stuff for those of you who enjoy crafting!  Details are still rolling in about what all is possible, but this thread on the forums has a good collection of the various armor pieces.  One thing that has yet to be confirmed is whether these are just for armor, or if there are jewelry items as well.  Also, most of the drops appear to be coming from the Hythbold public instances, but some have claim to have found them from both open world drops as well as Warbands.  I’m still working to grab as much information on this as I can, so please add any other sources you guys see in the comments!

Now I do have to go on a bit of a rant here, why are we JUST now finding out about this?  The community has been begging for something relevant for crafters and Turbine has given it to us, but failed to mention it anywhere.  Prior to learning of this fact I was pretty upset with crafting in Rohan as it seemed like a pointless chore to keep us busy.  But now, it is TOTALLY relevant as in many cases this Epic gear is as good if not better then even the Hythbold sets.  At times it amazes me how Turbine can do some things really well, and then totally screw up on some of the easy stuff.

Needless to say, I’m off to work on my crafting Winking smile