There were a few postings floating around yesterday about layoffs at Turbine, but I wanted to point out one specifically.  With all the issues surrounding the Dev Tracker, many (including myself) may have missed the post by Graalx2 saying goodbye.  I can only assume he was part of the before mentioned layoffs, but we will most likely never know.

I’m not sure there was a dev that impacted my game experience more then Graalx2 since he’s the main one behind the Warden class as well as many of the changes to the various threat mechanics.  He also was quite a frequent poster and did a very good job of explaining some of the more complicated systems in the game.  He will certainly be missed and hopefully this is just a ramp down from the massive Rohan project, and not an indication of more issues.

Hopefully he’s able to land on his feet along with the others from Turbine!