Yesterday certainly was an interesting day, that’s for sure, but overall for me personally, it was a good one.  Launch days are always challenging for MMOs and some go well while others are on the rockier side.  While this wasn’t the smoothest launch for Turbine, they were very good at admitting and communicating what was going on and some issues (Missing Store) were resolved while others (crashing and memory leak) had workarounds presented.

I had some issues patching, but in all honesty I think that’s to be expected for an expansion as big as Rohan.  However, I do think Turbine should REALLY consider going back to the pre-patch system they used to do as it would considerably reduce the server crush that was causing many of the issues people were having.  One suggestion I heard was opening up the patching or logins early for VIPs which would be a nice bonus especially for subscribers.

Once I got in game, I did a little housekeeping in my inventory and with my legendary items as well as turning in my crafted reputation items.  Happily using the pointer that you can now right-click to turn them in, only to realize I’m 2 items short.  But my cool-downs were up today, so I’ll finished that off soon enough and got to check out the new medium armor sets.  My Metalworker and Jeweler both had plenty to finish off their reputation so I picked up some of their recipes.  I have to say, the new armor styles look pretty darn cool as they’re starting to look a little more realistic and I’m and more lore appropriate.

Heavy Armor & Warden ShieldNew CloakMedium Armor SetNew Robe

Other then that, I started on the Epic Story as I wanted to wait on Rohan until I could buy the expansion.  Aside from remembering how much I hate that darn elven tree hopping town, I really enjoyed the epic line.  I won’t give any spoilers, but I liked the breaking of the fellowship session play and there are some cool stories in there as well.  I stopped the epic when I made my way to the shadows of the Argonath and went to go get my horse.

Cool Rohan SkyNice scenery

I’ve made it to 76 but still haven’t really done any mounted combat yet but am starting to get more comfortable on my horse.  Sadly I don’t have any cosmetics for it, so Huckleberry is just sporting the bare grey skin that everyone else has.  Other than class steeds and the Steed of the Night, anyone have any good suggestions for cosmetics for your horse?

Any big accomplishments out there for you guys?