I’m sure many weren’t all that impressed with what was included with the recently released Issue 3, but there was a teaser in there that it also was a pre-patch for their upcoming Halloween event.  And based on today’s blog post, I don’t think you can complain about a lack of content in this patch Smile


There are some spoilers in the post, and I’ll try to keep this post generic in nature – but just in case, you’ve been warned Winking smile

The big news most will care about is that the content is set to go live on the 15th of October, almost giving us a bonus 1/2 content update!  The idea behind the content is to provide another questline that while still fits the tone of TSW, it is a bit lighter.

The quest line starts in Kingsmouth and sounds like it progresses through various zones.  I can’t stress how much I appreciate and enjoy that they’re continually adding content to all zones as that really help the game feel more vibrant as you won’t have any ghost areas.  If they continue on this path it will really help with new player retention as there will always be a good mix of new players and veterans.

The other aspect that is incredibly interesting to me is the introduction of Stonehenge into the PvE space.  Currently it is just a PvP zone but they’re rolling it into this storyline, which is encouraging for a number of reasons.

  • It shows they’re willing to repurpose areas
  • This gets them back on the whole conspiracy angle as Stonehenge is probably one of the most talked about creations
  • Maybe this will help drive or be in some way tied to PvP?

I’ll be curious to see how TSW handles other events like this as this sounds very cool but will they be able to continue putting out fresh “holiday” content each year?  Or will they fall into a pattern that other MMOs have adopted by just re-releasing the same content each year?  Personally I’d like a mix, such that if you missed last year for whatever reason you can still enjoy it, but there’s still a similar amount of content for the new event as well.

One last thing, I think this is a pretty darn smart idea to release the Halloween content right around the same time as they’re planning a new announcement on their trial system.  Quest lines like this are a perfect example of what TSW does well and the mood and theme of it is pretty unique in the MMO scene.  I’m just hoping that not only is there a way to have the jack-o-lantern hat but also a way to go the head-less horseman route Smile