I just wanted to share a couple of sales for folks are these are two games I’m really enjoying.

The Secret World is 50% off this weekend at only $24.99 from this link off the main Funcom page.  A pretty decent deal for a game that’s really hitting its stride with its third update since launch releasing earlier this week.

Also, for those of you (like me) anxiously awaiting the release of Football Manager 2013 we now have not only the release date (November 2nd) but also a couple of deals you can take advantage of.  If you head over to one of the main story sites there’s a link to their distributer which they do get a bit of a kick-back for, and since I enjoy the site I’m more then happy to support them.  They also are offering a coupon code that gives you 10% off an already reduced price.  And finally, if you pre-order you can play the beta version of FM2013 2 weeks before launch!  All saved games will carry over from the beta to the release client so you won’t lose any progress, but you will not be able to play network games.  The math and discount codes seem a bit off for US customers (I believe the store is UK based) but it still is a pretty good deal at $37.99.  Check out the link above for all the details and goodies, and they’ve updated the post a few times as questions have come in.