Now that they’ve extended the grace period (don’t ask, I’m having issues with my pre-order) I’ve really been enjoying my time in The Secret World (despite my crappy computer) and like the different play-style.

However, all along I’ve been curious what kind of pace they’d attempt to keep up with development and was hoping they’d try something along the lines of what Trion World has been able to do with Rift.  Not to mention there’s still that little bit of concern over my choice of the Grand Master Pack including the Lifetime Subscription.  Well never fear, Ragnar Tornquist put up a post on the forums outlining what’s coming!  I’m still trying to digest it all, but holy cow there’s all sorts of VERY cool stuff:

  • MONTHLY content updates with the first hitting July 31st!
    • Includes mission packs and investigation missions for EVERY zone!
  • New weapons
  • New York raid coming later this fall (more information coming in August)
  • More toys for customization of characters
  • The Chronicle web site already is pretty slick for tracking your progression and will get better
  • Later this year they’re announcing a PvP dungeon
  • Upcoming Group Finder
  • Seasonal events!
  • 2 new zones being announced in August
  • Social and pets will get attention
  • And more combat tweaks

All of this will be free for subscribers!  I especially like that they’re going to continue to add to “old” zones and keep them fresh as it will really help with the feeling that the game doesn’t have levels but is more based on the storytelling.  Needless to say, this announcement went quite a ways to easing any fears I had about my decision to buy the Lifetime Subscription and don’t forget – it isn’t too late to pick it up!

What’s your favorite part of this post?