The latest update to the game has slid in pretty quietly with notification only a day or so ago, but this isn’t really that big of an update just bug fixes primarily.  The full notes can be found on the Lorebook but for me a couple things stood out:

  • The much hyped Farmer’s Faire launches July 19th and hopefully we’ll get some more details as we haven’t seen anything other then the name so far
  • Fixed the broken travel routes
  • Frushkul in the Roots of Fangorn has been made smarter to find those hiding out in the Troll room
  • Apparel Dummies in hub cities
  • Various other bugs and issues have been resolved

For the most part good stuff here and I’m curious about the whole Apparel Dummy thing.  Many are complaining about it being just another way to shove the store in our faces.  But, if they’re placed near the already existing vendors it might actually make more sense then the way things currently work.  It would be very cool if they actually used this to show in-game vendor items as well!  Also, I’m really hoping this might be a technology test for letting us have them in our houses Winking smile  However the store skeptics could all very well be right and this could be a shameless store plug.