Twitter was on fire this afternoon as Turbine reversed their position and made 2 very significant changes to the Pre-order packs for the upcoming Riders of Rohan Expansion.

  • The 3 packs will all include Turbine Points
    • 1,000 for both the Base and Heroic Editions
    • 2,000 for the Legendary Edition
  • All 3 will include the Instance Cluster coming after the pack

Both of these changes pretty much align this expansion with the Isengard expansion packs and while I know many aren’t 100% happy about the packs they’ve made serious changes to their stance.

Personally, I applaud Turbine on a few fronts:

  • They’re not only talking to the community but obviously they’re listening as well
  • They’re open to admit they made a mistake and want to correct it
  • I personally think this shows that not only are they trying to push the envelope but they also are willing to admit if they’ve gone too far

While I hold no grudges against Turbine for trying to make money, I think the communication and willingness to adapt are VERY encouraging signs.

While I don’t have it yet, I think these changes pretty much put me firmly in the Legendary Edition pre-order camp…