For all the things Turbine hasn’t learned, they at least learned one lesson from the Isengard launch and have published the Turbine Point prices for the various items in the upcoming expansion.  I have to admit I’m pretty surprised they released them this early but I’ve VERY happy they did.  We still don’t have all the information we need, but this is a HUGE piece.  Here are the details on the Turbine Store prices from the updated FAQ:

  • Rohan Expansion Content: 4295 TP
    • Expansion Content includes the quests in the Rohan region.
  • Rohirrim Skinned Soldier on Landscape: 295 TP
  • 6th Inventory Bag (Account-wide): 995 TP
  • Crystal of Remembrance: 995 TP
  • The Outriders Token: 495 TP

While I don’t think we can read too much into these prices, they are in the ballpark of what Isengard cost when you include either the Raid or the Instance Cluster.  The quest pack itself is ~1,000 TP higher but I’m not sure we can assume anything about that difference other then it is what it is.

I’m also quite pleased (and surprised) that the 6th bag from the store is actually account wide and not like the other bag options in the store.

For me, I’m still waiting on the details on the Crystal and the mount skill before deciding but the decision is between the Legendary pack and the Base + Bag for me.