Today Clover posted a nice series of questions and answers from the LOTRO community to the Development team.  This seems like a nice way to bridge the gap between the update developer diaries as we’re in a bit of a slow period between updates.  One other aspect of this Q&A is that it gives us a little bit more of a feel for the size of the team as we here from more then just the usual suspects.

Some interesting behind the scenes questions on how they do things but there’s nothing super exciting with regards to upcoming content.  Don’t get me wrong, I like hearing from the dev staff whenever we can and I think pieces like this help us better look at them as people as opposed to programming robots ;)  There are a number of questions around the PvMP system and while folks might not like the answers, at least they’re opening themselves up to the conversation.

I didn’t see anything in there about any potential updates before Rohan or anything new about Rohan (that we didn’t already know about) but please correct me if I’m wrong.

The full article can be found here as well as the follow-up discussion thread on the forums.