This took a little bit longer then I had expected, especially considering how quick Update 7 came and went from being announced to Live.  There isn’t a ton of excitement here with this one, primarily bug fixes.  One didn’t find its way to the patch notes, but Sapience has confirmed that the Captain Buff Bug will make it into 7.1 but it just didn’t make the notes.

As for the notes themselves, there’s quite a few but only a few jumped out at me:

  • Changes to the currency drop rate:
    • Instance challenges will provide more seals
    • Optional Instance quests will grant substantially more medallions
    • Reduced skirmish mark drops from challenge quests
  • The Gates in the Storm on Methedras Skirmish have been fixed
  • Starlit Crystals are now of Incomparable quality such that they follow “normal” loot rules.
  • Gotta love the last note, essentially the overweight hobbit graphical issue has been resolved.

Nothing super exciting, but always good to see them fixing stuff.  And of course the usual fun stuff in the notes as well Smile

Oh, and in case you missed it – the Spring Festival started today, I don’t believe there’s anything new with the events but of course the new horse and cosmetics I’m sure.