As always with any MMO patch, things don’t always go as planned.  This patch is no exception for LOTRO with a few on the Known Issues List.  However, there are a couple big ones that seem to indicate perhaps a bit of a rush:

  • Crystals currently do not benefit Burglar tools and Champion Runes.
  • Upgrade stars do not appear for items linked in chat, in mail, auction house, vault, or shared storage.
  • The current item quality of the Star-lit Crystals may prevent players from rolling on it. The item quality will be adjusted in Update 7.1.

I need to actually try out this system to really understand it all, but these 3 really smack of things that just didn’t get enough testing love.  I know I’m being critical here, but when you go from Update announced to launch within a week would anyone really be upset if you spent a little bit longer to correct issues with one of the core parts of the Update?

As for the last one on loot quality, essentially I read that to be you need to set the quality to the lowest level such that you’re rolling on everything as the Crystals are set to trash-loot status.