In the normal Turbine fashion, they’ve released a few new screenshots of the new Skirmish “Storm on Methedras” for those of you who haven’t hopped on Bullroarer.  I’ve only popped in briefly but will check out this new space for sure as I’m quite the sucker for snow regions…

Of the shots below, possibly the most intriguing to me is the boss (or I guess it could be a new Lieutenant) that looks VERY similar to the Angmar boss Udinion.  I’m assuming this is the named foe Gwyllion, but I could very well be wrong.  For those of you who listen to my podcast, you know how much I love that guy so I’m quite curious to see if there are any other similarities!  Anyway, on to the goodies…

This could be a challenging pullTrolls in the Mist

Dragon Poised to Strike?Dragon in-flight

More GhoastiesUdinion Look-alike Gwyllion

Hillmen Mob"Troll" Mob

LT and Control Point